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  1. Chris

    But they are still not truly being inclusive of all.

    For example, where is a story about a Disney Prince or how about a story thst has a person with a disability as the hero/heorine of the story? Or how about those thst are umm, pooh sized being shown in a positive light?

    Want further examples of not being fully inclusive, look at what security did to those two autistic children in your other article. And reports surfaced right after that came out that a group who had multiple people with service dogs were denied entry into Disneyland. And what about their CFO fat shaming when talking about reducing portion sizes?

    So, Disney, at present, I am not buying into you being inclusive, you are only doing enough so it appears you are being politically correct.

  2. Martha

    I agree with all of the above. Something else they have left out is affordability. Not every family ( however it is depicted who can afford to go) they have Completely ruined that aspect by up charging everything. For example Hotels ( not being cared for, 20-30/day parking not valet, paying per package being delivered and them not holding things (like what happens if my flight is delayed) ), food up charging ( smaller portions no dining plan) 50.00 for a tumbler, tickets and reservations ( yes tickets raise every year but with the cost of everything else that goes with it makes them unaffordable ) special shows (new cirque show prices) and lets not forget individual lighting lane ride charges and genie+ charges . It adds thousands to your trip for no reason and they have taken extras out like pirates league, disney quest. No Magical Express ( for a family of 5 250.00 on the cheap side for mears). We have been DVC members since 2005. Disney was always our go to Vacation ( even after a vacation to relax before we went home) . My Grandchildren will be blessed to go 1 time, when myself and my children were raised there. Even entertained there.
    Its a sad day you have to be in the Top 1% to go and enjoy yourselves now!
    Our parents took us on Opening day October 1,1971.
    Even though we have a decent income we can’t spend 20,000.00 for a week once a year much less every other year! I have even sent my son on a Honeymoon Star wars Cruise ( best of everything) . But it will never happen again since Chapek has taken over! I get having to recoup money from the pandemic but this isn’t the way to go. If he had kept it reasonable and appealing the money would more than come because people love disney.

  3. DisneyFan

    There. Are. No. Racist. Undertones. On. Splash. Mountain. Anything considered problematic from the film was not included in the ride, you bunch of morons. I’m all for more representation of underrepresented groups in Disney content, etc. Splash Mountain does NOT have to change in order to accomplish this, build a new PaTF attraction from scratch. Take a look at any poll or petition regarding the re-theme, the majority don’t want it!! Wake the hell up! It’s all a PR stunt, just look at the timing of the announcement. A month after the unfortunate and disgusting George Floyd incident. Disney is only doing this to try and look good. That’s it.

    1. Dirk Disco

      So they are going to start hiring obese cast members on scooters?

  4. Jordan

    Disney actually was thinking of doing it before then. It just so happened to be a good time to announce it.

  5. Autumn

    What people do in their bedrooms is their business, but I’m sick of sexual preferences being paraded around in front of our kids. Disney always stood for adventure, innocence and magic. Stop with the madness and leave our sweet and fun experiences alone!

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