Comments for Hordes of Disney Day Guests Flood Out of Park as Christmas Event Begins

Credit: @michaeldoesdisney (Instagram)


  1. Johanna

    I was there last night. It was a little chaotic with the day guest leaving and the after hours guests coming in but as usual the cast members directed us and got us in quickly. I’ve been to After Hours events before and one frustration was people trying to stay for the party. Our bands were checked outside on Main St. and inside the stores as well. Also we were asked to show our wrist bands while getting on rides ( until around 11ish ). The party was sold out but still hardly any wait times. Our only complaint was lack of Christmas merchandise:-/

    1. veronica mcdowell

      My cousin’s and I
      Left November 6
      So we saw the start of Xmas decor. Maybe one day we’ll come before Xmas

  2. Melissa

    My friends and I went to Boo Bash and getting from the boat into the park was not only chaotic, but a little dangerous. I was with four women either on an ecv or pushing a baby stroller. As the only one who could try to direct where to go I basically had to stand like a crossing guard to make way for the others. There were so many people jumping rope and moved a metal barrier trying to leave the park. A cast member told us he’d been grabbed and couldn’t keep control. I’ve been going to Magic Kingdom fir 50 years and I’ve only experienced something like that ONE time before.

  3. Shelly

    I was there last night. Hoards is a strong word. That is any night leaving a large event. I had a wonderful time and it was so much better than Boo Bash. I never had any trouble getting a spot for any of the shows/fireworks and I was front and center. I’m going again 11/30. I’ve attended 3 Very Merry Parties before Covid. Great job Disney!!!!!

  4. Amy Shea

    I wish they would remove the indoor mask mandate I cannot put my three year old in a mask that is no fun for him I guess we won’t be going this holiday but I’ve been there before and it’s wonderful

  5. Laurie

    I was there last night and never thought it was chaotic. It was actually a very smooth transition from what I saw. We were constantly asked to show our bands throughout the night and almost every ride was a walk on. The fireworks and parade were amazing!!!! I just wish they had more choices of cookies than snickerdoodle…yuck

  6. Thomas

    I went and had a great time. Entertainment was amazing and yes very low wait time on rides.

  7. Barbara Belzer

    No way would I ever pay these prices for 4 hours. We used to go when Iger was CEO. Ticket prices were $95. Chapek has taken so much away and raised costs to a disgusting level

    1. Starts late too so if you have little kids, it’s not pleasant. The cost is prohibitive.

  8. Heather K.

    Can’t afford to. Over $600 for 4 one day passes! I can find way better things to spend $600 to $700 on then attending a theme park for one day!

  9. Lisa

    I am a passholder and have been to the after hours events in the past, but this year they are such a rip off. We used to stay for so long and pay about half that price. Wii can afford that for 4 hours. I think all the people with small children are benefiting from those monthly stimulus checks to get them in.

  10. Judy

    I was at Hollywood Studio’s yesterday and OM -Reservstions, so they can limit the people- – what a joke… so many people, we couldn’t move. Lines were 2 hours long. Same as a regular day before Covid. Ticket was 150.00 and we left after 2 hours. This was a petri dish for covid. What a waste of money… We’ve been going to Disney since 1979. The changes are BAD!! Disney stop being GREEDY… And what is the real reason for the reservations ..

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