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  1. Melanie

    Fingers crossed….The DDP is really popular with UK visitors as we tend to stay for 2 weeks. Now travel restrictions on flights to/from the US are easing, it could be a great time for its reintroduction.

    1. Elaine

      I have a disney package booked with dining plan added booked through Disney for next July

      1. Grace

        How? I tried to book for May through Disney but not getting offered meal plan.

      2. federica

        attualmente il pulsante non c’√®

    2. Must be nice to spend 2 weeks at WDW. 6-7 nights is all we can afford. I would like to see the meal plan come back as well. It helps to be able to pay it off over months. The last time we went for a week we charged our meals. I got home and saw that it cost $1850 for 3 people to eat at Disney World.

  2. Lee

    For a UK visitor, 2 weeks at Disney, for my family is $17k plus spends, car and food staying at Caribbean Beach. This will be a welcome return.

  3. I wish the dining plan would return. I have had to cancel our trip 3 times due to covid and this time we feel safe to go and wish our trip would be complete with dining. This is first time for grandchildren and would help with all our plans at parks and help us to make sure they eat good.

    1. Cheryl Costa

      I have been to Disney 8 times an always get the dining plan .we are going Dec 2021 will be the first time no meal plan,I wish it would return.

      1. ron v

        visiting 12/4-12/11 Bay Lake Tower keeping figures crossed

  4. KennyVee

    Could the Disney Dining Plan Be Returning Soon?

    You’re the reporter, so why are you asking me?

    Either give us the answer or don’t write the article. If you don’t have the answer, you’re just wasting everyone’s time by writing and posting this crap. You are EXACTLY what is wrong with supposed “journalism” these days.

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