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  1. So another change to their prices going up. Extra hours only if you can afford Deluxe Resorts. So sad everything I have enjoyed before is not removed or extra prices added to an already expensive vacation.

  2. I cannot believe that my favorite vacation place is changing all of the rules! Now, if I did not purchase tickets before hand. I will not be able to visit the parks? This is so unfair! I should have gone to one of the islands if I had known this!

  3. This is ridiculous. Because I didn’t buy my park passes when I booked my trip, I will not be able to enter the parks? I should have booked a vacation on one of the islands.

  4. DMD

    Disney is making a visit sooo complicated, and overly expensive. It’s so stressful just reading, and thinking about how to plan a stay is making me not want to go. The extra after hours perk was one of our favorites, and used to determine our travel days. Now thats not available, except for the RICH. Who can afford the Deluxe Resorts? I keep looking, hoping for a deal, but $600+ a night? Seriously!!? 2 nights at a Deluxe is a months rent or house payment for a lot of people. If I could afford to pay that for a Deluxe Stay, I would be enjoying the Deluxe Resort, grounds and Pool, not spending the whole day away from my Resort.

    I’m just so Disney Done!

    1. Manny

      Parks are overcrowded and as long high wealth individuals are willing to pay Disney will accommodate them.

      Please note, those that complain are also those who defend the system of income inequality because they have been fed a false dream this since the 80s they also will be wealthy.

      If you do not have an education and are not properly network your chances of becoming extremely wealthy are low.

      You can do the research yourself and find that these individuals are like unicorns mythical and extremely hard to find.

      So suck it up. Disney wants to cater to families who eat sit down fine dining and spend consistently more at their parks and resorts. Disney does not want hot dog munching, t-shirt sweaty tram riders.

      It’s business nothing personal at the end of the day Disney is only beholden to stockholders which you have allowed to happen obverse several decades.

      By the way I just paid $4400 for three nights at California resort at Disneyland with tickets and park hopper. This does not include air fare or food. It is a once in a lifetime experience for my daughter and a sacrifice by our family. We have been blessed that we can have this experience but I constantly get upset and angry at what Disney does and do not easily swallow this is business as usual.

      Some how America has to come to grips that this system is not working for all. I am not suggesting Communism or Facism is the answer since they are polar opposites, but we need to build the middle class again, help the lower classes and equalize the playing field.

      Unfortunately this will require the election of a representative government that is not in the pocket of the 1% to 10%.

      The 99% have to realize they have the numbers and get off the couch and vote not for Democrat or Republican but for someone who looks like them economically and not the usual rich guy who only runs for office to enrich themselves.

      We have been torn in half in this country because it easy to use race to divide when the real problem is class. The white blue collar worker and the black collar worker have more in common than they realize.

      The real enemy is the hedge fund manager who pulls strings and makes sure taxes are not something he or his clients pay. To quote Leona Helmsley, “We don’t pay taxes, little people pay taxes.”

  5. Patrick

    Where does Disney list all the extended hours dates and times? How did you get this information?

  6. I purchased park hopper tickets, so that I can weather the Disney changes that can attack your mental health. Disney is very frustrating. During covid with less people allowed in, we still had trouble getting dining reservations. Now more people are allowed in, and we still have the 60 day out rule. Making it harder!

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