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  1. Chris

    This is getting out of hand, really, how much does it cost to put up decorations they already have?

    It is high time things change at Disney and for the better, not the worse like this.

    1. DJTluvsvlad

      Just got back from DW. Didnt feel the Christmas this year. Had the grandkids this time and I was disappointed. Then theres the full charge for parking with no courtesy trams. And forget the waste of money for Genie plus. Everyone agreed we did better at Universal. Sorry to say.

  2. Downwithcheapbob

    apparently disney is run by the grinch!! whoses real name is chapek. chapek is like scrooge mixed with the grinch!!

    1. Bill Nye not a science guy

      I think the Grinch would be offended being compared to Chapek.

  3. Jonathan

    Today is my last day at the Polynesian and it’s embarrassing that this resort is still completely undecorated for the holidays when all the others already are.

    1. John

      Not to mention them changing the definition of “housekeeping” so they could say they provide it when in fact they don’t. Twice during my stay last wk, they left the room in worse shape than they found it.

  4. Bob Cheapskate is at it again.

  5. Anna

    Budget cuts. Disney nickeled and dined its guests with everything and jacked up the admission prices. Also, within the first week of the 50th anniversary the parks were overcrowded that got them a pretty good profit.

    Yet, those greedy dogs in corporate (who weren’t affected by budget cuts) and the board felt the need to make budget cuts and left go many people in their staff.

  6. Maria

    For my first time visiting Disney and expecting amazing Christmas Decorations I was extremely Disappointed.

  7. Seth

    That’s just it, he’s gonna see how much he can cut before people stop coming. One can complain all they want, but if they still show up, it won’t make any difference. Especially if they complain but still show up and spend money.

    1. John

      Totally agree. I can’t see a dent being put into this nonsense until Universal Epic and the new hotel(s) open. They will clean your room and offer some perks which could eventually put a dent in Disney’s monopoly and force them to treat customers appropriately, but that’s years away at best.

  8. Jc

    The best way to get back at Cheapak his to hit the company in the wallet. Stop going to the parks. Cancel your Disney+. Stop going to their movies. Don’t buy any Disney merchandise. I agree with the above comment that if you complain but still give them money, it doesn’t achieve anything.
    Cheapak needs to go before he destroys the company.

  9. Marie A. Wyke

    You can really tell Walt Disney is gone. He would have made sure children across the world could experience the glory that Disney once held, the feeling of walking up to the Cinderella Castle…… the sights the sounds the smells!!! The Grinch has finally won Whoville!!!

  10. Cathy Miller

    So disappointed with the lack of Christmas decorations while visiting the Magic Kingdom today.

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