Comments for Chloe Zhao Officially NOT Directing Any ‘Star Wars’ Movie, Fans Rejoice

Richard Madden and Chloé Zhao Behind The Scenes in Eternals

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. EricJ

    And we do mean “REJOICE”. No Chloe, hallelujah.

  2. Ken

    Too bad. I think it would have been great.

    1. Triumph

      Yes…it would have been great…….for me to poop on!

    2. Rick

      I would have loved to see what Zhao would have done with her take on Star Wars. While it may have been flawed, I liked Eternals enough to want to see it again, and it was incredibly pretty to look at. She easily would have made a really pretty to look at Star Wars movie. That said, I simply don’t understand all the hate that Eternals is getting.

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