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  1. It gives you more downtime to spend more money shopping and eating. We are not buying genie +. The vacation itself is quite expensive. We do want to check wait times.

    1. David

      Just used the Genie at Disney World. For four days, during a moderately busy time, we waited for.hours for the good rides. Watching lightning lane users pass us by was unbearable.

      Our last day, the fifth, we finally caved to get some riding in. We noted that the “good rides” were five hours out. We would have used a whole days worth of the service for maybe two rides.

      Over at Universal, you can pay $130 (way more than Disney’s $15) and there seems to be no limit on the number with express passes sold nor with when they’re used. Much more frustrating.

      In the end, it’s all about the $$$.

  2. Joseph

    C’mon Bob… Of course you have to say it is overwhelmingly positive. The fact is through a normal day at the park(meaning 5 or 6hrs) you might get 4 lightning lane rides. The system needs fresh eyes and some adjustments to be good. People are going to pay for it during the holidays and then complain like crazy when they end up with two regular lightning lane rides and pay for the two ala carte rides(assuming they book those b4 they sell out). But at least Disney is making some extra money! Might as well raise the parking prise to 50 dollars(what are guests going to do… Turn around.

  3. AH

    The unofficial guide people ran a test with it against their standard touring plan and genie was a total failure. Bob is getting his feed back was total yes men.

    1. Ct


    2. Sara

      Ok I know I’m not going to be popular with this. And yes I see drawbacks with the Genie+. But we bought it and used it on Halloween. It worked pretty well for us! I’ve used MaxPass at Disneyland before and found it to be very similar to that. Our trick we found was as soon as we scanned at one ride we made our next selection for the other. By the time we got off the ride, got our stuff and headed to the next it was time to ride again. And I’m not talking about using it on Teacups. That’s a waste. It was pirates, Splash, big thunder, Buzz. I would never buy it to use at Epcot. Not enough rides there to make it worth my money. And probably not even Animal Kingdom. Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom would be the only place I would again. And I’d use a crowd calendar predictor to help me gauge if I did even then. Basically, I see it’s value. But I also see the frustration and that we lost something free that worked and was fun. Genie+ is a coin toss for me. If used right on the right days it comes in handy. If not, it’s a pain and a taxing cost.

  4. Emma

    Ah so he is a lair too. I have never seen such negative publicity over Disney as when the genie was announced. Just look at their Instagram and youtube posts on it. Thousands of negative comments. So Bob is showing he is also a lair.

  5. Darlene K

    A whole one third? That means a whole two thirds arwn’t interested because they know the real reason for the prouct is more money. Again.

    1. Tim Yarbro

      He said “Almost one third” and that number could be anywhere from one to one third. Who knows the real number?

  6. Mickeymouse3

    Come on, Bob. People are not as stupid as you believe them to be. They recognize a money grab when they see it and they’re on to your greedy ways. One can only hope that the petition going around has some impact. If not take some of Iger’s advice to heart. I didn’t care for him either, but at least he wasn’t the greedy weasel.

    1. Tara

      Could of not said it better myself!!!!! exactly!

  7. JW

    Plain and simple…the CEO needs fired. Tried to use the new genie+ yesterday for the first time. O er half the time I didn’t even have cell service in the park/resort or the app was glitching.

  8. CT

    Chapek must only read his own comments. If he bothered to read any other WDW fans websites, he would know that he is completely wrong. The negative feedback on Genie+ and his other money grabs is overwhelming. He doesn’t care what we think. Take action, don’t buy his stupid Genie+.

  9. Caroline RN

    So absolutely no more fast passes?
    Then…for “JW” this Genie thing didn’t even work half the time? oh brother.
    Wouldn’t that make EVERYONE have to wait in one ginormous wait line?
    Can one still walk up and get a fast pass in person at the machines?
    I’d hope so.

  10. Tom

    Disney is pricing the average family out of the fun. Now they add more ways to take money from familys. Bring back Fast Pass with no fees.

  11. Mark Bolstein

    The Disney response when asked why the advance reservation system was not returning was “by planning the day of your visit, it will improve spontaneity”. That’s funny because that’s exactly what Bob Iger said when the fastpass system WITH advance reservations was rolled out! every time they indicate that a new change is designed to enhance your park experience, you know it’s a complete lie. And now, on your nice relaxing Disney vacation(that’s already going to cost significantly more) you have to be up by 7AM to even try to figure out what attractions you MAY be able to do—-AND PAY EXTRA FOR THAT! I hope this is the biggest flop in Disney history—and they would deserve it by badly trying to disguise a cash grab as a park experience enhancer—–WHEN A BETTER SYSTEM WAS ALREADY IN PLACE, AND INCLUDED WITH YOUR PARK ADMISSION!!! Shame on DIsney and Bob Chapek. Boycott Genie+.

    1. JW

      Are they (Disney) really that concerned with “spontaneity” if they still require park reservations? The parks…especially EPCOT… were packed the last 2 days. Not sure there’s much limiting capacity going on.

  12. Phoebe L Ho

    Yeah Chapek. Keep on living in denial while we try to figure out how to have a full day without breaking our wallets and losing our heads. No one wanted this.

  13. J

    “Overwhelmingly positive”? Sorry, I’m not buying that.

  14. Disappointed

    I used it last week and it was a disaster. I got two lightening passes the whole day and could of just waited until the evening when there were no lines. It is definitely not worth the money. I agree, bring back the original fast pass! It worked just fine.

    1. Rick


  15. Rick

    Wow go pay for something that was always free and give it a cute name. Yeah we arent stupid its a blatant money grab and pricing out more and more regular folks like always!!

  16. C. C. Writer

    It is so positive, I haven’t even opened my MDE app since the change rolled out. I could care less about going and enduring this monstrosity. As Florida resident AP holders, my wife and I go at least monthly, stay in deluxe hotels, eat at sit down restaurants – in short, spend $2,000 plus every time we go. Bob Cheapskate traded our $2K a trip for $30 a day. What a Genie-us.

  17. Lisa P

    Im here now and ill never get it again! Its a waste of money….you sign up for one “fastpass” say at 11:00 then by the time you use it you cant get another until 8:00 !!! Complete waste of time and money.

  18. JC

    “Overwhelmingly positive” based on the fact that 1/3 of visitors are using Genie+? That doesn’t say anything about how those 1/3 of visitors actually feel about it… By that logic, 100% of visitors love when Disney raises parking prices because they’re all still paying for it.

  19. Yvonne

    Not a fan! We stayed outside of the park so we did not have first access to LL attractions just the leftovers. 2 yrs ago we spent extra money for fast passes and we’re able to get them for any ride we wanted. With Genie + we are constantly keeping track of time to go back on the app every 2 hours to see if we can get another LL at the time we need We missed out on some huge attractions we wanted to revisit like Flight of Passage and Rockin Rollercoaster….we could have stood in the standby line for over 2 hours each if we wanted to but let’s face it who wants to experience Disney waiting in line and trying to book your next ride. With the Fast Passes it was worth the extra money to have it all planned months in advance and no 3 hrs standing in line.

  20. Bxmamipr712

    Just when you think Bob Paycheck can’t be any more disrespectful to paying families, he somehow lowers the bar. His lies and justification of running the middle class out of Disney make me sick. We go to Orlando a lot, but never again. I also won’t be seeing movies, stopped my Disney + service, or buying anything that Disney might profit from. He is one of the most evil CEO’s in history, and is the epitome of corporate greed. In a few months tickets have gone up, holiday party tickets are double, hotels/parking/food pricing have skyrocketed, you have to pay for Genie +, the Magical Express is around $40 per person each way, for 2 nights at the Star Wars hotel it is around $1300 per person, and the perks you get are drastically being lowered or taken away all together. This adds thousands to a 5 day trip for a family of 4. That is insane! People need to stop being Disney yes men, and stop giving that evil monster whatever he demands. If we refuse to pay those prices, then they would have to be more reasonable with pricing. Otherwise prices will continue to soar, and you will eventually pay for EVERYTHING. I’d bet money that there will be fees added to the skyliners, ferries, and busses next. Nothing would make me happier than to see Disney crash and burn.

  21. We are simply not going. Disney, specifically the CEO, will not listen to social media comments or emails sent directly to them. Only our actions will impact what they do because our actions impacts Their wallets.

  22. Thomas Frontczak

    The first thing I did when one of my daughter’s told me about the cost of Genie plus was start doing the math in my head of how much more it will cost me when I take my family of 10 to DisneyWorld. You know that old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” It should have applied to the outstanding FastPass service! We were always so happy to get our FastPasses in advance and then usually able to secure another one or two toward the end of the day and depending on what park we were at using our Park Hopper. Chapek, what have you done?? You have screwed zillions of people and have taken the Disney magic out of a trip to Disney!! I can probably guarantee that people buying the Disney Genie are doing so because the alternative is to not get on the awesomest attrations, and we want to ride the awesome attractions!! It’s like high prices at the airport. I hate spending that kind of money, but if I want to eat on a long layover, what other choice do I have? Those 1/3 that you say have purchased Genie didn’t do it happily!! KNOW THAT!!!

  23. Bill M.

    I went to Disney World the first week of November. I have never been so disappointed. Granted the weather was not perfect. But, it was sooooo crowded. I tried the genie plus a couple times. First of all, you can’t plan your day in advance like you could with fast pass. Secondly, you are forced to get on your phone at 7am to book your first attraction. You have no idea what you are going to do from there. You do not know what attraction and when you will get it. It could be 11am or at 12am. You may not get Peter Pan, you may have to go with Small World. Regardless, it is unpredicatable. I kept having to log back on to mydisney to get on genie after it kept logging me off. I was so dependent on an iphone always looking at it to schedule and try and beat the next guy to get a good time. It was a bad experiece. One of the two days I only got two genie plus rides, I could have gotten more, but I did not want to stay there so long. I have read things since explaining how you are supposed to time things and do things in such a way to best utilize all the variables built into the system. Well, that is not fun. You have to keep your head in the phone all day. It was much better getting fast passses way in advance and knowing what and when. And to pay for this? Bull. Not pleased. I have been there many many times. Not pleased. I feel like I did not get my money’s worth this time. First time I have ever felt this way. It was sooooooo crowded. I can’t remember seeing such long wait times. Much longer than two years ago the same week. There is definitely no more virus control. Crowds are huge.

  24. Elaine

    I loved Fast Pass! I can’t believe Disney got rid of a system that worked so well! Why on earth should I spend high dollars on the out of control resort prices, expensive restaurants and then have to spend even more money on a system that doesn’t even sound like it works well? I have ZERO interest in returning to Disney with this new screwed up genie system. I am spending my 2022 vacation money at Universal Studios!!! I may NEVER go back to Disney. BOYCOT Disney! GO UNIVERSAL!

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