Comments for Disney Cast Members Hop in Water to Evacuate Guests as Attraction Boat Moves Backwards

'its a small world' disneyland paris evac

Credit: RH Tube


  1. Bob

    Tell me that they turned off the music. It’s one thing to listen to that song for the length of the standard ride. It’s another to be trapped in the boat listening to it forever!

    1. Jeremiah

      It was stated in the article and you can also watch the video.

    2. Amanda

      That would be absolutely awful. That song, while good, is a nasty song to get stuck in your head. Glad they turned It off.

      1. Chris H

        Would have been fun to leave it on.I’d be the last to be rescued as I wait my turn to get off
        since I’d be singing along regaurdless of the 300th hearing it loop lol.

  2. Nick

    Technically, it’s forbidden to film or take pictures during an evacuation (because emergency and work lights are on, the show is revealed).
    Technically, security agents of the park and Cast Members from the ride should ask you to switch off your device and erase any picture or movie you took.

    For the evacuation itself, yes we go in the water to push the boat. It’s no secret, it’s the way we have to do it for It’s a Small World or Pirates of the Caribbean for example. We need two Cast Members minimum to evacuate ONE boat (they can evacuate many boats but each boat necessitates two CM).

  3. Abigale Buss

    At Disneyland when I was young, mom and I got our car pulled over during autopia ride because our car was on fire.
    Years later at Disneyland mom and I were whatching American sings. There was a terrible thunderstorm that day and the power went out, the emergency power took over, but because of that we saw one of the sections of the show twice before the end .

  4. Gina

    I have never been on a ride that stops, but my question is what do they do for the disabled riders? I’m in a wheelchair and ridden “it’s a small world” ride numerous times and the cast members let me stay in my chair to ride. How do they get someone like me off the ride?

  5. Amanda

    I’ve gotten stuck on big thunder mountain at Disneyland. I have always wanted to get stuck on space mountain though. I’ve always wanted to see just how they get the entire roller-coaster to fit inside the building and still make it a thrilling ride.

  6. Deb

    Proofread. They were not patients.

  7. Caryl wooding

    Tim and family was on buzz light,first time in a wheelchair. Fire department had to take Tim down the back stairs,but Tim loved it!

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