Comments for One Family Lived in Walt Disney’s Abandoned City Idea

Credit: History@Disney @HistoryAtDisney


  1. EricJ

    “Community” of Tomorrow??
    Watch Walt’s lips carefully: Back before Disney became more protective of its Archive, it’s theorized that Disney went back in the early 80’s and re-dubbed Walt’s proposal film for his “CITY of Tomorrow” to “Community”, to answer critics who complained about why Epcot was only a theme park.
    (Since a park was a “community of employees”, reps explained.)

    Do they still have Walt’s city model on the Tomorrowland Transportation ride, just before Space Mountain?

  2. Either update it or retheme it or use the building for another, new attraction entirely.

  3. Phoebe L Ho

    I’d like them to update the last scene, try to restore some of the original dialogue in the previous scenes— and then duplicate the whole thing and move it out to D-land.

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