Comments for Massive and Abandoned JAWS Animatronic Found in Backyard

Credit: Titans Terrors and Toys


  1. John R

    Just a quick note. The shark’s authenticy has been verified by Craig Mullen, the owner of Eastport (the business that constructed the new ride after Universal Studios fired and successfully sued the makers of the original ride.) The shark is now part of a large JAWS display in a Staten Island restaraunt named 494 Chicken. If you Google “494 Jaws” you’ll see articles and pictures of the display.

  2. I am an uber driver in Las Vegas I was informed after speaking with an electrician at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAWS IS STILL ALIVE AND TERRIFYING FANS DAILY

    1. Paul R Faulkner

      At Universal Hollywood, yes. Jaws is part of the Backlot tour. In Florida, Jaws had his own attraction. It was a longer encounter, you got closer to the shark. Its really a shame Universal Florida has gotten rid of almost everything that was cool and part of history for Harry Potter.

  3. Christine

    When I was a little girl, my mom use to tell me that JAWS was in the ocean, I am still scared to go into the water this very day because of her because I still believe that JAWS exists in those very waters. I watch JAWS every single time it comes on TV 1 thur 4. I’m a JAWS fanatic.

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