Comments for Marvel, ‘Star Wars’ Star Reportedly Involved In “Physical Altercation” With Fan

(l-r) chewbacca, tobias beckett, and han solo in millennium falcon

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Gene moretti

    Anyone who does that to you while you are with your family should loose his teeth like a pack of tic tacs that spilled on the ground. No more dumb questions THE FANS LOVE THIS GENTLEMAN!!!!!

  2. Tripper

    Does this story seem fishy to anyone else?
    The guy was allegedly drunk, allegedly lunged at Woody. Unless I see video I have a hard time believing Woody punch the man in “Self Defense.”

    1st off it is perfectly legal to take pictures of anything or anyone in a public setting.
    Woody didn’t like it and prob got mad and said “Delete those photos.”
    And I bet the guy was like “No, you are in public It is legal to take photos.”

    I bet the guy just kept stonewalling him and when Woody didn’t get his way he threw the punch.

    Then when the cops showed up Woody just says the guy was drunk and also lunged at him and the cops just took his word for it.

    That is what I think happened until we see real evidence.

    1. Michael Nguyen

      No it doesn’t sound fishy. You think this is the first time he’s been photographed in public? It was also on hotel property, which is NOT in public. And probably surrounded by other hotel guests that witnessed. Not everything needs to be filmed for evidence… and the cops don’t need prove anything to you either.

      It’s also pretty easy to prove if someone is intoxicated as well, so why lie about that or any of it —especially in front of his daughter?

      Is it fishy or out of the ordinary for actors and actresses to get harassed and heckled? Happens to them all the time online. This fan probably thought he was safe behind his keyboard and no one would smack him back. He just got a dose of reality.

    2. Almega

      Not fishy at all. If I was eating with my daughter in a private establishment and you were photoing me continuously while I was trying to enjoy my liberty, I’d get pissed, ask you to stop, and ask the staff to remove you. The part of the story that is missing is what happened after that last part I said. Being drunk is not an excuse for whatever caused Woody to hit or maybe even restrain some jackass.

    3. DisFan

      Don’t believe this story with lack of evidence! Instead, believe MY story with lack of evidence! 😂

    4. David

      Hahaha.. You should start writing fiction story’s for Disney.. You are great at telling them

  3. Jeffery L Stringer

    Just because you have a camera in your phone doesn’t give you the right to invade someone’s privacy.i think Woody was totally within his rights.

  4. Ed Ross

    Referring to Woody Harrelson as simply “Star Wars star, Marvel Star” is like calling Nicholas Cage “Ghost Rider star” or Werner Herzog as “Mandalorian Star”. I mean yeah they were all in those things but we should all be expected to who they were way before that.
    Woody Harrelson is just Woody Harrelson. If he’s anything besides that he’s “that psycho stoner hick from Cheers and Natural Born Killers.”

    Anyway, have you ever seen that old
    nutter talk? You’d have to be crazy to pick a fight with that. Give em hell woody.

    1. Stooball

      That was my reaction too haha I was surprised the Star Wars star was Woody Harrelson

  5. Bxmamipr

    If I’m out with my daughter and someone comes anywhere near where she is, and starts talking trash I’m beating the ever living crap out of them. When it comes to my kids, I will tear someone apart limb by limb with my bare hands. And I’m extremely trained in hand to hand combat. He was a lot more restrained than me. Any human being is well within their rights to defend themselves from violent, senseless people.

  6. David

    How stupid do you have to be acting to piss Woody off?? The dude is a hard core stoner.. Like you really have to try hard to make a stoner mad..

  7. Jo Momma

    “Star Wars star Woody Harrelson”

    Yeah ok

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