Comments for With Launch of Disney Genie, Universal Studios Makes Its Own Ride Suggestions

Disney Genie and Velocicoaster

Credit: (Left) Disney/ (Right) Universal


  1. Neil

    I prefer staying at an Universal on-site hotel that has the express pass unlimited included. It might be expensive but at least I don’t feel ripped off like Disney has made me feel the last several years.

  2. Chris

    You article forms mention the added costs for each lightning pass. The cost that fluctuates based on demand is assessed per each ride.

  3. Cj Brown

    Knott’s Berry Farm (Cedar Fair) for the win!! $198 for a yearly Platinum Pass (good at every single Cedar Fair Theme Park), includes Parking + other deals Team Disney and Team Universal don’t offer (if they do? the yearly fee is ridiculous!)

    My only complaint? Everywhere wants you to download ‘their App’ (because they want to eliminate you dealing with a live Human they don’t have to pay a salary for! – it’s like having to ring up and beg your own groceries!)

    I’m having fun and I’m not doing so by going broke ( đź‘€’s on you Disney and Universal!)

  4. Fiona

    Universal hands down. You also don’t deal with the extreme amount of “handicapped” people like at Disney. There are mobility scooters everywhere and as soon as they leave the gates to go home, they have been healed and walk just fine. Hallelujah! Disney has the healing power of Jesus.

    1. Jarvis

      Yes, ECVs we’re designed for elderly and handicapped (think wheelchairs), now anyone can rent who are too fat or just want to have one to store junk on for their family. It’s out of control.

      Resort buses should limit them to 1 per bus. They take forever to load (unlike wheelchairs). Not fair to make everyone else stand for longer.

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