Universal Hilariously Mocks Facebook Outage on Twitter

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Credit: Universal

Universal Orlando Resort’s Twitter page has always been a source of entertaining commentary on theme park news and worldwide events.

And not to disappoint, they certainly made the most of the global Facebook outage yesterday.

universal orlando resort
Credit: Universal

October 5 saw Facebook go down for over six hours, with social media services WhatsApp and Instagram, as well as their virtual reality program Oculus, affected by an internal technical issue.

And while the world lost a powerful communication tool, Universal Orlando (@UniversalORL) used Twitter to spark conversation and a whole array of reactions from followers and Guests. Universal interacts in a different manner from many other brands and theme parks online and utilizes a more casual, friendly approach to its social media presence.

They began their cheeky Twitter posts with a tweet alluding to their Jurassic Park River Adventure ride, claiming that they had posted photos of the infamously inaccessible Hadrosaur Cove to their Facebook page. This stemmed a whole thread of memes and reactions from guests claiming that Universal Orlando was “cruel” and “funny”.

We just posted pictures of Hadrosaur Cove on Facebook.

Universal followed this tweet with a joke referring to the old dial-up technology of the ’90s, continuing the joke with further comments like “Mom, get off the phone! I’m trying to download the trailer for the Mummy over here!”

Ok, which one of you picked up the phone while Facebook was surfing the World Wide Web on dial-up?

They then started mocking their own attractions with a post referring to the reliability of the E.T. Adventure.

Have they tried unplugging and plugging it back in like we do with E.T. Adventure? #SocialMediaDown

The Facebook outage caused widespread chaos and communication issues, but at least we can rely on Universal Orlando to keep us laughing!

How were you affected by the Facebook outage? Do you enjoy Universal Orlando’s cheeky Twitter feed?

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