Comments for Universal Guest Publicly Defecates After Exiting ‘Shrek’ Attraction

Credit: Universal


  1. MN

    If this person had inflammatory bowel disease then they may not have had advance notice or the time to get to the bathroom.

    1. Alex

      If you have a condition like that – you should not go to a theme park! Period.

      1. Trent

        Thats discrimination.

        1. M

          If you can’t control your bowls, you should not be going on any ride lol

      2. Kkb

        Yes and no one with ANY disabilities should go to a theme park. We can all get better paring places too.

      3. Angel Foret

        It’s called a popping disorder…we aren’t dead yet.

      4. Caro

        How incredibly ignorant and insensitive for you to say that. So people with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis should just stay home 24/7? They should not try to have as close to a normal life as possible?

    2. ronny b

      That’s why Depends are made for people with those conditions

      1. Angel Foret

        Thats like saying, “Wear a condom everyday for just in case of sexual relations…
        OK beb

    3. R

      From the article: “Of course, there are always instances that may be out of one’s control, but it seemed that in this instance, that was not the same as those who were around assumed that this was not an uncontrolled moment.” Person didn’t want to get out of line so took a crap on the stairs. No medical issues or “disabilities”…

  2. Mary

    Obviously the person has a Disabilty or got sick; I can’t believe this was even published.

    1. Bo

      What a pointless article. The existence of this article is more embarrassing than the tragic event itself.

    2. LouMe

      No one knows this for sure. People do malicious things all the time, this seems like someone in a pinch, but to just assume a disability… silly.

      1. R

        Exactly. Is it really that far fetched to think a nasty person decided to drop trou and crap? Given ALL the fights, spitting, cussing, etc., at ALL the parks since 2018? Disability? Maybe but probably not.

  3. John

    You shouldn’t have published this. It is not news, but making fun of someone who clearly had some form of disability.

    1. Margarida

      So I’ll cut you a break, listen. Reports report things that have taken place, whether it’s uncomfortable, inappropriate, or otherwise in your opinions do not matter, this report did exactly what there supposed to do, report an incident that happened , that was reported to them.

      Now the publisher could have elected to withhold this and maybe should have, however in the interest of free availability of information, it was probably the right call.

      1. Pope

        You’ve got to be SHI**ING me!

        1. Nick

          Well his probably could have choked a donkey

      2. Angel Foret

        Kinda like what Project Veritas does correct?
        Good stuff there.

    2. Don'tbelieveeverythingyouread

      I’m going to agree.

      Mostly because this reads like an incident report.
      Subject a did this subject a further did this
      It’s obviously meant to get people to shame another person without perspective.

      There’s no interview with the person or their family and this is a second person story even.

      Before I judge I’d like to know if this was malicious, the person has mental or physical problems heck it could be a 4 year old as far as I can see in this story

      Now after all that it is gross and I’d hate to see it.

      PS I was in Vegas this year and a grown adult took a poop on the sidewalk in front of the Hilton timeshare I was at. Very gross because they just walked away.

      1. Angel Foret

        Your words, “Before I judge” makes me wonder who are you to judge anything at all?

  4. Cera

    Inside the magic, I am so completely disappointed. How this article was ever even able to be published is beyond me. The individual that wrote this article is doing nothing but publicly shaming and humiliating a guest from an already embarrassing situation that seem to be completely out of their control. How do you know that this individual doesn’t have a medical condition? Or a disability? Instead you’re choosing to publicly shame and humiliate them, citing numerous times in the article that they should have done this or they should have done that and even ending the article on the note of be careful or you’re going to be kicked out of the park. Let me educate you on some thing, there are people that do not have any control over bodily functions. There are people that are different than you, and that does not give you the right or the ability to post a hurtful article such as this. In fact it goes against everything that I have experienced at universal and completely puts the wrong message out there about the park and it’s kindness and policies. My daughter has a condition where she has difficulty with the restroom. We recently took a trip to Universal and every single staff member and team member at the park was more than helpful, understanding, and caring to be able to help support her with her medical needs while we visited the park. It is so hurtful that you would post an article such as this, having medical ailments really affects an individuals emotions and self-esteem and instead of trying to support each other what you are doing is not in human nature. I really hope that this is taken down immediately. You should be ashamed.

    1. Marie

      You are making many assumptions. The reporter just reported the news.

      1. Faryl

        Your bar for what qualifies as “news” is extremely low.

    2. Angel Foret

      You have a brave daughter!
      You are a brave momma!
      Never feel ashamed nor embarrassed ever again!
      God bless you!

  5. Kendra A. Orr

    So how is it clear that the person mentioned has a disability? Anyway they could have left early instead of going #2 in public if that was an option.

    1. Faryl

      Why do you think it was an option?

      You think someone cared so much about seeing Shrek 4D that they CHOSE to defecate on themselves instead of availing themselves of the closest bathroom facilities?

    2. Chloe

      Make all the self righteous posts you want about disabilities or Virtue signal all you want but I am going to take the more likely scenario in my personal opinion that some ratchet trash guest was triggered by having to wait too long for the attraction or the attendant didn’t treat them with the respect they somehow think they deserved by getting into the park and decided “I’m going to show them”
      And dropped a deuce as some sort of “punishment “ to the poor custodial staff who had to clean it…the parks here are full of these dullard guests. But please carry on about how the Guest (un-named mind you) was somehow anonymously shamed, let me know when you get that virtue signaling ribbon Karen

  6. Suzie

    What a distasteful and unnecessary article.

    I have IBS and there’s been times I’ve had to leave the line and run to the bathroom.. and super close calls. There’s sometimes no notice and you have very little time to get to the rest room. I’m sure they were very embarrassed. 😢

  7. Shelley

    I am a person who suffers from severe and chronic ulcerative colitis. There have been many times when I went to stand up from sitting and the urge to use the restroom has come over me and I have had literally 0 time to make it to a restroom before going in my pants. As if going in my pants right in front of a crowd wouldn’t be embarrassing enough, I don’t think I’d want some people reporting about it either to everyone all over the world.

    1. MasterElwood

      Then you shouldn’t go to a theme park! Or are you really THAT selfish?

      1. SanePerson

        You are the most insensitive person i’ve seen in these comments yet. That’s discrimination and you have no excuse for what you just said to this person. Are YOU really that selfish that you said that to someone with a disability so YOU can have a better day at a theme park? Grow up, people can’t control these things and we shouldn’t treat them like dirt because of that. You’re selfish for thinking people shouldn’t go to theme parks just because of a disability. How utterly rude of you. I really hope you open up your eyes in the future.

        1. CommonSense

          Its called wear a freaking diaper if you have that possibility instead of making a poor team member have to clean it up. Its why they make them.

      2. Caro

        Talk about being selfish by saying that a person who has a disability shouldn’t try to have a normal life because it may inconvenience you. Absolutely ridiculous and I hope that you never have to experience a debilitating disease such as Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis. I hope you don’t have to face inhumane comments such as yours if you’re ever sick in your life.

        1. R

          The person in the article who took a crap exiting the ride did not have a disability or medical condition. He was questioned about it. Do you not read?!

  8. K

    This happens ALL the time in the theme parks and anywhere…this isn’t news. You never know what maybe the reason why a person did this, but that’s their business.

    1. Tammy

      I have IBS-D and have also had radiation treatments for cancer in my lower colon and rectum. I’ve been in that situation and I would’ve gladly given anything to have some warning of an impending disaster. I feel so bad the person in the article. This is just cruel. Perhaps some good will come out of this, through understanding and awareness.

    2. LouMe

      Public defecation affects more than just that person. To say that it’s no ones business is ridiculous. We don’t know the reason or intent, but it’s naive to assume that everyone “has something going on” therefore they get an excuse. Some people are gross. If this was a result of a condition, there is still some preparation that could have been done. Say what you want, but even if you have a condition, it’s your responsibility to make sure you don’t poop in public.

  9. Marie

    Lots of assumptions here. Let me toss in another one; maybe this person was visiting from San Francisco. 😐

    1. Faryl

      I don’t get the joke

    2. chastityeliz

      My first thought!

    3. jimgoskins

      Or a trump supporter

    4. Golden Watergate

      How can a city that looks so good smell so bad?

    5. Jarvis


    6. R


  10. Barbara

    I agree with all the comments above. I suffer from severe Crohn’s disease and before I ended up with a colonoscopy bag, I had to go to the restroom without warning. Please don’t embarrass those of us with disabilities. Shame on you!

  11. Elizabeth Banks

    Too many people assuming there was a legit excuse for this behavior when there is not. If someone couldn’t make it to the bathroom they’d go in their pants not pull down their pants and go on the stairs. If they had time to do that they had time to find the bathroom there are plenty in the park.

    1. LouMe

      I agree.

    2. R

      Agree 100%

  12. Faryl

    This is a really immature
    & ableist take on what happened.

    While you acknowledge this was likely embarrassing the guest, you then turn it around and blame the guest as if it was somehow their fault for not being able to make it to the bathroom in time. The only one deserving of blame & embarrassment is you for writing this.

    It would be one thing if a guest *intentionally* defecated outside of a bathroom, but to blame someone for defecating on themselves as if it was a result of poor decision-making is truly deplorable.

    Maybe they had food poisoning that came on suddenly. Or perhaps they had bowel issues that they thought could wait & didn’t want to have to make their kids leave the attraction before it ended. Or they thought they just had gas and was trying to alleviate some discomfort and misjudged what was going to happen.

    There are so many various health issues or circumstances that could result in what happened and none of them deserve a frigging blog post not only bringing even more attention to an embarrassing incident, but BLAMING them as well?

    I can’t fathom the thought process that would lead someone to believe this post was necessary to write.

    1. Jarvis

      It doesn’t matter why they did it. It is gross and unacceptable.

      * This probably wasn’t an IBS convention, or geriatric day at the park.

      * There was a group of young strapping men getting off charter buses to go to a theme park. They arrived drunk, all of them had to pee, a few used the closest bush and were kicked off property. Go ahead and make excuses.

  13. Joe

    Stop. Just stop.
    For everyone crying about IBS or the poor person unable to control their bowels.

    DONT RIDE THE RIDE. If I had those issues and knew there was a chance I couldn’t hold it to the end I wouldn’t put myself in that place to deficate on the way off the ride.


    1. Ken

      Not every one has been on the ride before?

      No is asking anyone else to take responsibility for other people, but we are asking “journalists” to report newsworthy articles while being respectful. We’re asking them to exercise personal responsibility and not be jerks.

      This is essentially a scenario where someone has an accident only to have someone shout “Hey, everyone! Look at this!” Total jerk move.

  14. Kung Fu Panda Universal Studios Hollywood Madascgar

  15. Dave

    How does everyone here assume the person had a disability vs some sick demented piece of SH*T. There are some people out there who are just so outside the norm that people think that it had to be a disability instead of a demented person. To lower trou and dump in public that person should have e gone in there pants not in open in open public view.

    1. Lorraine

      That was my thought. I have IBS but I’d rather die than poop in front of families and children.
      I figured this was someone who doesn’t care about that or themselves.

  16. Dave

    How does everyone here assume the person had a disability vs some sick demented piece of SH*T. There are some people out there who are just so outside the norm that people think that it had to be a disability instead of a demented person. To lower trou and dump in public that person should have e gone in there pants not in open in open public view.

  17. UberChemist

    Who gives a crap?

  18. Samantha

    Having a disability is no excuse to defecate in public. Diapers come in adult sizes for when there are incontinence issues.

  19. Michael Wade

    The big problem relating to all of these people doing this is alcohol sales at the theme park. Why would Universal Studios, a ace that should be for kids and young adults, serve alcohol? I know, it’s obviously the money, but it really messes everything up for the people who just want to come here and enjoy a day with their kids.

    1. LouMe

      So those that want to come and enjoy the park without kids have to take you and your kids into consideration but not the other way around. 🤔

  20. Kay

    We all poop. Get over it. This is not news worthy. I wonder if someone who isn’t so afraid of poop (you know the stuff that comes out of your body every day since birth) actually offered this person some tissues or put out their coat around them to help their privacy. Or directed people around them, shielding them. It’s not hard to be loving and kind. Regardless of the reasons it happened. I would have been glad to help.

    1. Angel Foret

      You are an Angel.
      Empathy towards others, let’s bring that back.

    2. LouMe

      This isn’t normal. Pooping on stairs as you leave an attraction, knowing others are taking those same stairs. Why not just go in your pants and contain the mess? Why pull his pants down and go? Why not think of others? But it’s just the others that have to think of him. Okay.

  21. Aaron Cobb

    It’s like San Francisco is moving to Universal Studios Orlando 🤷🏻

  22. Poop Emoji

    When a one star review on Yelp just isn’t enough …

  23. Deborah

    Sheesh. Everyone’s a critic. But really, dude, use your words!

  24. Jarvis

    Here’s the thing Kimberly, notice how many comments there are on this story of someone taking a dump? That is the media now. As sad as it is.

  25. Mary

    My uncle recently had a surgery that caused him to lose control of his bowels. The doctors did not even warn him! So he did end up having a similar incident and was unprepared. He was mortified. After that he got diapers in case. I don’t think the story said someone pulled their pants down and did it purposefully. It sounds like it was a medical incident.

  26. Hope

    I’m choosing to believe this was a complete accident by someone who just couldn’t control. I’m not completely sure though after some of the absolutely disgusting behaviors I’ve witnessed at the theme parks lately.

  27. Chis

    Fit the ride vehicles and show seats with toilets in order to accommodate the poopers. He could have went while watching Shrek.

  28. Buzz

    If you’re ill enough to the point where you might very publicly crap your pants or worse, drop your pants and crap everywhere, then you shouldn’t be in a theme park or queuing for rides where you might very well get caught short. End of story.

    The amount of people in comments saying this is a shame for the person is hilarious. In the very, very worst case scenario, I’d sh*t myself and struggle to the nearest toilet to clean up and hope no-one notices, maybe then contact a team member to help get a pair of replacement shorts.

    I wouldn’t be dropping my trousers and crapping everywhere if I couldn’t make it.

    Seriously, WTF is wrong with you people even trying to defend this?!

  29. Bob's your Uncle

    I mean this isnt the first time someones felt compelled to deficate all over a Mike Myers project.

    Kings Dominion had the same issue with “The Hurler” roller coaster, until they “dumped” the Wayne’s World theme.


  30. Lynne B

    The real tragedy here is that someone felt the need to write an article about this. Really ??

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