Comments for Universal Guest Reprimanded After Tossing Broken Glasses into Coaster Track


Credit: ITM Reporter Alessa


  1. Stacy

    He should have been removed. I don’t care how embarrassed he was. You need to take a stand when people do something harmful. This is disappointing.

  2. Michael Faussett

    He should be banned from the parks for life. For one end danger riders and the roller coaster it self anything can happen. Next time it might be a rock and it could cause the train to come off the track and hurt a lot of people are worse i hope it doesn’t happen.

  3. Trent

    This should be more than just banned for life. This should be a crime. Maybe not this case in specific, but if it can be proven that someone purposefully put others in danger by throwing objects or whatever, such as what happened with the Dragon Challenge, that person should be charged accordingly.

    1. Chris Wood

      Embarrassed my behind. He knew what he did. They should have thrown him on the track

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