Universal Fans Speak Out on Decision to Permanently Close Iconic Show

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Universal Orlando Fear Factor

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Universal Orlando Resort is one of the best places that Orlando visitors can head to to enjoy world-class thrills, immersive theming, delicious foods, and fantastic shows.

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At both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure, Guests always have so much to do with attractions and intricate architecture around every corner. Lately, we have seen new attractions implemented in the parks, such as Jurassic World VelociCoaster. We have also seen attractions receive a refurbishment, like Doctor Doom’s Fearfall, and Poseidon’s Fury, which is currently being worked on. 

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On the other hand, Universal has also announced some closures. Shrek 4-D will close in early 2022, and now, we heard work that Fear Factor LIVE, the show, would be closing as well. Guests were typically able to participate in Fear Factor-like challenges to win a prize, but the show has not been running since the pandemic. At the moment, Halloween Horror Nights is utilizing the stage, but many expected Fear Factor LIVE to return in the future. 

Universal Orlando Fear Factor
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After Universal announced the closure of the show, our readers had some interesting reactions to the news.

Kyle R. commented that a new ride would be a perfect replacement, rather than a new show.

There is enough room to put a good ride in this area. Also how many year has it been since fear factor has stopped being on tv.

Jacob M. would like to see a stunt show take its place, so that the Fast & Furious Supercharged section could be utilized for a different attraction.

Personally, I wish they’d put a fast and furious show like Lights Motors Action in that space, and then get rid of Supercharged. That way they put a good F&F attraction as well as room for something better than Supercharged

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Oliver S. recalled their experience doing the show, and has fond memories — just like many of our other readers.

This was so much fun. Got to be in it about 10 years ago against a load of yanks…Needless to say the brit won…..although I did get the nickname of English muffin….

Michelle W. is not happy with all of the newly released closures.

Mummy closed for most of next year, Shrek gone, this gone, please don’t let them take away E.T! Not going to take long to do Universal next year, they need to replace them quickly.

Anthony C. wants to see a classic attraction return!

Perfect spot for a new JAWS ride!

steven spielberg in jaws robot
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Allen S. is good with any change, so long as it is not an addition to the Wizarding World.

For the love of God no more Harry Potter!!

It seems that many Guests are experiencing mixed emotions on the attraction’s closure, as those who participated have fantastic memories of the show, while others are looking forward to seeing what will come next.

What do you think? Are you happy to see Fear Factor LIVE close? What do you want to see replace it? 

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