Comments for Tom Holland Just Divided Marvel Fans With Latest ‘Spider-Man’ Announcement

Tom Holland looking at Tony Stark before being killed by Thanos

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Benjamin Tracey

    “MCU Spiderman” may most likely continue to appear in “MCU Installments” all whilst “The Sonyverse” may not quite so very likely continue most especially so if “Venom II: Let There Be Carnage” and “Morbius” and if it ever does come out at all “Kraven” do not do well enough.

  2. David

    All I gotta say is F**k sony.

  3. Stan Lee

    Time for Grant Gustin to play Spidey.

  4. Teddy

    if the people hoping for miles to replace him knew anything about Miles, they would have realized that Disney’s MCU jacked most of Miles’ story and gave it to Holland’s spidey… his age, his love interest, his involvement with Tony and End Game, even “Ned” is just Genki Lee (aka Miles’ best friend) with a white-washed name. i’ll be fine with Holland hanging up the spidey mantle, it was a pretty badly crafted version of spidey anyway if if they had to steal a black boy’s story and give away the secret identity to write it.

    1. Sarcasm83

      I sure hope that’s not an intentional decision. That would suck very hard. I haven’t been too keen on how much they’ve changed Peter’s origins and I gotta admit, I don’t know as much about Miles as around him being introduced in the comics, I kinda zoned out from keeping up and reading… but lately I’ve really started to like the character. Mostly thanks to Insomniac’s game and now seeking to read the comics and really hoping they’ll do him justice on the big screen as well.

  5. bob bob

    What he’s actually said, is that the third film in a trilogy will be the last film in the trilogy…

  6. Sarcasm83

    To be honest, these films have all seemed like the beginnings of the journey so far.
    Such an awkward, insecure (or more like second-guessing) spidey, which – to me – has been okay, but I’ve been waiting for us to see him grow into the role and that is what I’d sincerely hope to see in the third movie. Though the trailer absolutely doesn’t seem like that. Just him screwing things up by blabbering on while Strange does his thing and the overall insecurity shown is still … well – feeling a whole lot like someone who has not learned to be comfortable in the role of Spider-man. That is what I’d hope to see from this rendition and it would be sincerely somewhat annoying if it were to genuinely end before it even gets there.

    I want to see Spider-man be AMAZING. I want him to use his full potential.

    End of a beginning “homecoming” trilogy sounds good and a more confident tone for the next movies after that would sound great to me. As well as would pretty much be needed to really set up Miles without rushing it and then the passing of the main mantle.

    I hope they do the series justice. I’d prefer to be seeing Spidey for as long as we saw Iron Man

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