Comments for ‘Harry Potter Star’ Shocked to Learn His True Hogwarts House

Draco Malfoy

Credit: Warner Bros


  1. Joe


  2. Liz

    I am a #hufflepuff.

  3. Aubrie

    I’m a Ravenclaw! 🙂

    1. Lana

      I am a slytherin. Still proud of you tom

  4. Megi

    I’m a Ravenclaw!
    Congrats Tom for getting the one house you weren’t supposed to get lmao 😂

    1. I’m a griffindor wow

  5. G

    Wizards don’t use bleach. The *actor* did to achieve what Draco Malfoy was described as. His family were all blondes.

    1. Ashley

      I’m a Slytherin! and you will always be a Slytherin to me Tom

  6. Emily

    I can relate. I had taken House Sorting quizzes online over the years and always had the result of Gryffindor. Then on Pottermore, a few years ago, it was the opposite result, Slytherin. I’ve concluded that since I have gotten Slytherin more than once, ever since then, I’m a combination of the two; a hybrid, Gryfferin.

  7. Deezy

    I got Ravenclaw. Twice actually. I took it and it glitched out on me. Took it again a few months later and got Ravenclaw again!!

  8. Dave

    Sloppy reporting at it’s best

  9. Simon

    If Draco and Harry had been friends, shouldn’t that have been a really bad combo? I mean Draco’s dad are a Death eater

  10. Jessa Pond

    This is not new, we’ve known this for literally years

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