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Two versions of Willy Wonka - L: Timothée Chalamet, R: Johnny Depp

Credit: Timothée Chalamet Instagram (left) / Warner Bros. (right)


  1. Atoosa

    I don’t wanna watching this one…i think it’s not worse…

  2. Jane

    No-one is better than Johnny depp ….but this movie isn’t about replacing JD this movie takes place before Charlie in the chocolate factory and the golden ticket tookplace
    Prior to the book written by Roald Dahl

  3. Frank

    Heard of this lad but not any of his films. I wont be rushing to see this. Both Gene wilder and JOhhny Depp were excellent however Johnnys portrayal was closer to what Roald Dahl envisaged. I think think that Genes was made more wholesome.

  4. Ron

    He dated his daughter. That’s all I know about him. Plus who’s watching a film about a character written by a pedo anyway… Nothing with beat wilder or depps version. If anyone wants to watch it for free 123 movies. Com

  5. Beth

    He may be talented and I’m not sure about that because I don’t know who he is but nobody will beat Johnny Depp and anything. And especially not Gene Wilder. I have faith and hope it will be good but I doubt I’ll ever say it’s better

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