Comments for Johnny Depp Continuously Replaced by Timothée Chalamet Amid Lawsuit Drama

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  1. All the movies my darling husband to be Johnny Depp’s to be rebooted with actor who doesn’t even fit the role is disgusting, my beautiful husband to be Johnny Depp shouldn’t be treated like like. Just because a goldgigging low level dime a dozen mushy pointless dangling overused flappy fish market, falsey
    Accused him of Dv that he didn’t even comit, he’s never been arrested or charged with any such crime

  2. Timothee chamalet, suits si-fy movies not the likes of my beautiful husband to be Johnny Depp’s iconic roles such Edward scissorhands and willy wonka, he should stick to period dramas

  3. Robbie Ra

    Timothy C needs work more than JD does, and he takes whatever is offered to him. No-brainer. But he cannot match JD by any stretch of the imagination. Too bad he can’t find his own path.

  4. Rose Lindell

    He’s not replacing Johnny?

    Timothee played Edwards son Edgar in a commercial.

    And his Willy Wonka is a young version of Gene Wilders Willy Wonka

    1. Danira

      The outfit isn’t even similar to Depp’s outside of the color; the hat looks closer to Wilder’s, and the overall look is what was described in the book.

  5. Sarah

    You know what everyone said when Johnny Depp played Willie Wonka? “I love Johnny Depp, but Gene Wilder will always be Willy Wonka.” We thought the new Willy Wonka movie was weird. I still prefere Gene Wilder. That said, Timothy Chalmette’s Wonka look was DEFINITELY stolen from Depp… why would they do that? Perhaps for media attention?

    1. Robbie Ra

      Everyone? Not by any stretch of the imagintion. JD’s Willy Wonka is for adults and kids. Maybe you saw Gene Wilder’s when you were a kid. Otherwise, nobody even bothered to watch Gene Wilder. It’s for children. Or something adults took their kids to see. Get Real!

      1. Danira

        @Robbie: Maybe you just didn’t see Wilder’s version. Depp played it the same way he plays every other Tim Burton role he’s ever been given: weird. Gene Wilder’s version was for all ages, and you don’t have to be a fan of a certain niche to enjoy it. My parents and grandparents all loved Wilder’s version, as did I growing up, and Depp’s version was a pale shadow of it that catered to Burton’s fandom.

  6. Faith

    Please stop remaking the movies and try something new for a change .is there anyone can write a new movie or do we have to keep going with the repeats because this is getting old. Dam Hollywood try making a new movie that isn’t a repeat of the first two.and please let Johnny Depp play Captain Jack Sparrow and finish the rest of Pirates of the Caribbean movies up .

  7. Marsha Peters

    Need to be on top of ur game whenva comes to acting roles. I think no one can replace voted sexiest man alive before n golden globe award winner younger generation wana come up u really think twice ?!😀

  8. Danira

    Um… Depp was replacing Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka in 2005. Now Chalamet is replacing Depp. This is what happens when you let nearly 20 years pass between remakes.

  9. Steven

    Good for him, getting good roles…I hope no one blames him. Ya know, like how Depp gets blamed for being a domestic abuse victim, victimized by a woman with a history of spousal abuse…

  10. Shel

    I see things for what they really are. When I see a pig farm I’m going to call it a pig far, not a pig spa because I want it to appear as something else.

    Both movies were great. They each had their own interpretation that makes them worth seeing. Personally I prefer the Charlie version. There is something about the way it tells the story. It makes me laugh every time. It’s one of my favorite movies.

  11. Laura

    The sincerest form of flattery is imitating, Timothee sincerely admires Johnny Depp’s work! Media loves to start rivalries just to get clicks or cell magazines. Absolutely ridiculous!! How many Batmans, Supermans, Riddlers, just to name a few characters that have been done over and over again. Johnny made his characters his own, and this is what another actor will do with their roles!!

    1. Laura

      OOOPS sell NOT cell

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