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  1. K mehden

    Good for him not everyone has to be in a superhero movie, especially a Marvel one.

    1. Rangerguy

      I wish there were more comments like yours. So many here are mostly filled with Marvel fanboys, some poking fun at him as if they don’t know him, and some respecting his choice while still admitting that they’re hoping that he’ll join the MCU.

      Suddenly got reminded of those MCU fans that care less for the employees who worked on these projects and care more for the IPs themselves.

  2. J Miranda

    What an easy way to get attention, say you never want to make a Marvel movie, when no one has ever ever thought of asking you to be in one. NOTHING but a PR stunt!

    1. Travis

      He literally auditioned for Spider-Man: Homecoming

      1. Mickey D

        So he also literally lied about no superhero movies by auditioning.

  3. Jon Adams

    Luckily, nobody asked him to be in one.

    1. Orange

      Ummm… Ok, who are you anyways? 🧐

  4. FB69

    Ummm… and who is this guy? I’d never heard of him until Dune. Hope his success isn’t getting too good head. Also, I wonder what his Dune co-stars think since, you know, a ton of them are in comic book movies.

    1. Peter .J

      Like they said he’s apparently “on the rise”.
      I’ve only heard/seen him twice though. If he were to join the MCU or even become a DC superhero he would probably gain a lot more attention then he is now.

  5. Daniel Burkett

    Well, if that’s his choice, then so be it. Not everyone wants to do a Superhero movie, and there are always other roles to be played in other movies, so more power to him. Later on, he may decide to try doing a Superhero movie, just to see what it would be like to do one!

  6. Travis

    Timothée Chalamet literally auditioned to be Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming so clearly he’s not opposed to joining the MCU.

  7. paul turner

    Marvel and WB are so bothered. Another child who thinks he is bigger than than the films he is getting paid to do a job in. Plenty of fish in the sea looking for a job.

    1. O.P.

      He doesnt think he is bigger. He is just following advice given to him by one of his heroes. I can imagine a person wanting to emulate their hero and will likely heed to their words or advice. It doesn’t necessarily speak to their own views on the topic.

  8. Alonzo Golden

    I can only speak for myself; being someone who’s been pursuing an acting career since forever, (& being a Marvel uberfan, I’d swim through lava to snag a role in the MCU. Different folks have different ideas of how they’d prefer their careers to go which is understandable. At the same time, the MCU offers what I feel are VAST benefits which would far outweigh any negatives; acting in an MCU film/franchise still offers you the opportunities to showcase your craft, create the art us fans so much enjoy, as well as the tremendous financial rewards of being a performer in the MCU. Superhero movies ARE movies & there’s actually NOTHING wrong with acting in those films. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that not taking advantage of such a grand opportunity would at the very least be somewhat questionable. You’re an actor. You act in films & get paid to do so. Simple. And there’s nothing saying you can’t work in indy & other film projects, since being in a Marvel film will obviously raise your notoriety to someamazing levels, giving you more opportunities to still do non MCU projects. I say, if ANY actor gets an opportunity to literally set themselves up for life doing Marvel movies, having the grand opportunity to work with the most incredible creative force in cinema today, Kevin Feige, and alongside awesome fellow talents like Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Don Cheadle, Tom Huddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Holland and others, I say GO FOR IT! You’ll only be increasing future opportunities for yourself in this and other genres of film as well.

  9. Alvin Jennings

    Never heard of him, and likely will never hear the name again 😂😂😂

  10. Cedric

    Never even heard of this guy anyway… The movies mentioned where he’s in? Not interested in watching… Guess I will never see him in a movie because I like Marvel stuff 😂

  11. Adam

    Lol. “I’ll never be in a Superhero movie.” Yet you’re staring in Dune which is Sci Fi and basically a needs version of Super Hero film 😆. Only difference is one comes from an actual book, the other from a comic.

    1. Adam

      *nerds not needs. And I’m a nerd myself so no hate just saying.

      1. Pooper

        Nerds also like superheroes.

  12. Wally

    He auditioned for Spiderman and lost the role to TH. Quite honestly he caustic to art house schlock and stay far away from the genre. Even debating whether my love of Dune will overcome my dislike for TC as an actor (not a personal attack, just not my cup of tea) will allow me to watch the film. He and us are better for him not wanting any part of the genre IMO

  13. Parker V Terrell

    How old are you people? It’s one line from a long interview and practically a throw away line. He isn’t dissing superhero movies. The other person was telling a child actor not to do hard drugs or pigeonhole himself into getting typecast. No story here.

    1. Mickey D

      Robert Downey Jr, Chris Pratt, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeifer, Kurt Russel, Glen Close, Sam Jackson, Bradley Cooper… I’ll stop now but tell me which of these actors is pigeon holed? That is NOT the advice he got so stop paraphrasing to make your weak argument sound better. He was told “no superhero movies” period. This sounds more like a bitter Hollywood star who didn’t get cast, or someone who made a bad superhero movie. Also, little Timmy auditioned for Spiderman so looks like that “hero advice” comes and goes…

  14. Caedyn

    Lol this is complete bs. He literally auditioned for the MCU’s Spider-Man and was crushed when he didnt get it…theres a bunch of interviews he mentions it…

  15. I don’t think they’re looking to put him in any superhero movies so it’s not a big loss.

  16. Boychev

    And we should care why?

  17. T

    Sounds like you are kindy salty for not getting the Spiderman role you read twice for. The contradiction of it all 🤣. Also thank you for that info, now no one needs to waste their time fan arting you as a future character lol. Also because of the multiverse, your Dune character is technically MCU. Marvel did the comic book in 1984 lol. Damn that loki variant.

  18. One way or another, it’s HIS decision and choice. I respect that. However, the anonymous “other actor” who had advised him could’ve been the ONE who had past issues with MCU.😁

    1. Tee

      Exactly! Sounds like someone was a bit upset when they gave him that advice lol.

  19. Rod Allford

    Lets face it all the marvel actors we had heard of except Tom Holland and the younger crew but being in marvel films has made there careers explode and they are all instantly recognised wherever they are worldwide so correct me if im wrong isnt that what they get into acting for , the fame the money the huge celeb lifestyle and maybe its just me but id get a buzz out of a little child pointing and saying ” thats Ironman” or whichever one id been so if he wants to have a career where he has a little drop in tbe pond let him personally id want to cause a tidal wave

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