‘Summer Time Rendering’ to Be One of Many Anime Series Coming to Disney+

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Summer time rendering

Credit: Shonen Jump+

It has been announced that Disney+ will be adding another all-new anime series to its list of upcoming content specific to the promotion of the streaming service across the Asia-Pacific region.

The anime slated to premiere in 2022 will be titled Summer Time Rendering and is based on one of the top-rated manga series written by author Yasuki Tanaka. The manga for Summer Time Rendering has over 130 million views and can be found on the Shonen Jump+ online manga library.

Summertime Rendering
Credit: What’s on Disney+

More on the Summer Time Rendering series

Although no official description for the series has been revealed, Manga Plus describes the manga as:

Upon hearing of Ushio’s death, Shinpei returns to his hometown of Wakayama City on Hitogashima and reunites with his childhood friend’s family. The funeral goes smoothly, but under the surface something strange is brewing on the island. What mysteries await him on this secluded summer island?

Summer time rendering
Credit: Shonen Jump+

Summer Time Rendering will not be the only anime within Disney’s Asian-Pacific content expansion, as Disney+ has announced several other titles slated to premiere in the future. This announcement officially welcomes Disney+ into the group of streaming platforms like Netflix which have also joined the race to be the top anime streaming service.

Disney+ Announcement
Credit: CNN

During the showcase event for Disney+’s Asia-Pacific centered content, Head of Content and Development for the Asian-Pacific region, Jessica Kam-Engle stated:

“Our production strategy is centred on working with the best local storytellers in the region, leveraging our brand power, scale and dedication to creative excellence. We look forward to collaborating with award-winning and emerging creative talent in Asia Pacific and sharing authentic stories that reflect the unique cultural and social dynamics from this region to global audiences.”

Another anime title that has been slated for Disney+ is Twisted Wonderland, which will be based off of the popular mobile app of the same name. The mobile app for Twisted Wonderland takes place at a boarding school for magic and revolves around Disney Villains such as Jafar, Queen of Hearts, Hades, Scar, The Evil Queen, and Ursula.

Twisted Wonderland
Credit: What’s on Disney+

Per Comicbook, other anime titles that have been announced by Disney include:

  • Black Rock Shooter Down — This series will follow a girl with mysterious features and powers, as she has the ability to use a high power cannon rapidly when faced with foes.
  • Yojohan Time Machine Blues — A sequel to The Tatami Galaxy, Yojohan Time Machine Blues will be an all new Anime series exclusive to Disney+ .
  • Sixth Sense Kiss — In this romantic comedy, a girl has the ability to see the future…but only the future of those that she kisses.
Yojohan Time Machine Blues
Credit: Anime News

Disney is certainly gearing up to be quite the competitor to other streaming services in the anime world and is also creating strong content that viewers across the Asia-Pacific region — as well as viewers worldwide — will love and appreciate.

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