Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Just Gave Kylo Ren a New Origin Story

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Myles

    Snoke is so underrated! I think the initial idea of him just being a separate powerful dark sided from the mysterious beyond. That was always good enough for me – plenty of ways they could have explored that. I got the impression that’s what Rian Johnson and even Trevorrow thought of him. I hated RoS just dumping him as some kind of clone thing.

    Snoke is not especially interesting in TFA but scary and mysterious. In TLJ he’s terrifying and dominates every scene he’s in. Johnson lightly redesigned him and chose to make his robe gold and his throne room looked incredible in red. His death was to me partially so shocking because all of a sudden he was awesome (I always love Andy Serkis). The Palpatine stuff in RoS just felt lame by comparison.

  2. Justin Blair

    All of them have been terrible. As surprising as this sounds, given the choices, the Lego one is the least offensive.

    Star Wars was always an ATM, but it was an ATM with heart. That died around 2017. Now, it’s just a cash machine…

  3. Sayuri

    Ben Solo’s early years will surely be explored in Descendants 4, right? Right?

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