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Credit: Disney


  1. Allen

    Maiden Voyage: All YouTube vloggers who can write it off as a business expense.

    1. Mark

      Yep. After that, it’ll die out. I love SW but I can get a new roof on my house for 2 days of vacation on this “ship” Total rip off.

    2. Brooke

      Spot on – that’s exactly who is going. The only other suckers would be the rich star wars fans. It will definitely drop off, after this first round of guests, as will the rest of Chapek’s pay to play events, merch and food. Vote with your wallet folks, or else it will just get worse and more expensive

  2. For what they are charging I would expect to see live dinosaurs running around. So disappointed it sold out. at those ridiculous prices. Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave knowing that they are pricing the average family out of the market and catering to the elite.

  3. JG

    I’m guessing a good bit of those rooms are for the “social influencers” & vloggers. I am a lifelong Star Wars & Disney fan but at a cost of approximately $145/hr with some of those being hours spent sleeping I just can’t justify the outrageous cost.

  4. Ed Marks

    People can’t really afford this, but they can go in debt by taking out a loan or putting it on a credit card to pay for it.

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