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Spider-Man and Doctor Strange in "Spider-Man: No Way Home"

Credit: Marvel Studios / Sony


  1. Kay

    By the time this movie is released it will be so old no one will care. I’ve waited for this movie since the first one released in 2016. I’m giving up.
    The world knows the reason for the repeated delays is due to the political weaponization of the Covid virus (and all that implies for endless controlling regulations) plus the lack of people willing to go to the movie theaters and rather just stream it a few weeks later.
    If the MCU had given Doctor Strange a sequel movie much earlier, like they should have, they would not be having this problem.
    And as for the 2nd movie it was ORIGINALLY planned to be released May of 2021 immediately following WandaVision.

    Doctor Strange has always been my favorite MCU character and still I can’t walk into a store and buy a the character’s action figure. So very frustrating.

    1. Dan

      Shut the hell up man quit whining

  2. Dan

    Are you kidding me? A 4 year old could tell you that Google’s casting results are based on people searching for actors, not any sort of evidence he’ll be in this movie. Such irresponsible reporting

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