Universal Announces Iconic Attraction Will Close Forever

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Credit: Universal

It is a sad, sad day for Shrek lovers, as Universal Orlando Resort has confirmed that Shrek 4-D will permanently close on January 10, 2022.

Shrek and Donkey
Credit: DreamWorks

Shrek 4-D is one of the first attractions that Guests are able to visit when they enter Universal Orlando Resort and was created in 2003 after the success of Shrek in 2001. Universal Studios Florida, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Universal Studios Japan would all open the attraction in 2003, and later in 2010, Universal Studios Singapore joined in.

Credit: Universal

In 2017, we saw Universal Studios Hollywood close down the attraction, and replace it with Kung Fu Panda: The Emperor’s Quest attraction is located in the theater.

Reporter Ashley Carter spoke with Universal, who confirmed that the ride would indeed be shutting its doors forever next year, as well as the gift shop which Guests exit into.

Just confirmed with Universal Orlando that Shrek 4D will permanently close January 10, 2022. The adjacent gift shop, Shrek’s Ye Olde Souvenir Shoppe, will also close.

At the moment, we do not yet know what will be taking its place, but considering how large of a space the attraction takes up, there is room for a lot of opportunities in terms of creating something new. We know that Epic Universe will be utilizing a lot of DreamWorks IP, so perhaps we will see another DreamWorks attraction in place of Shrek 4-D as Universal continues to highlight those specific films.

Running Universal Shrek
Credit: Jessica Quinn

Shrek 4-D is a sit-down attraction in which the seats move, along with the use of water, sounds, and scents to fully immerse Guests. Although the ride technology has become somewhat dated at this point, the pre-show is still one that I personally find fantastic. The Shrek and Donkey meet and greet also located in the Park have not been said to close, so hopefully, we still have a taste of our favorite ogre when we visit Universal Orlando Resort.

We may say goodbye to Shrek for now, but he will forever live on in our hearts. Remember, it’s never ogre.

What do you think of Shrek 4-D closing? What would you like to see take its place?

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