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Rise of the Resistance crowds

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  1. Linda

    No I wouldn’t. We were there last week and four of us went on it. Honestly there aren’t many rides so we had no problem waiting only 75 minutes. We played games together on app to pass the time.

  2. Sharon

    No I wouldn’t bother. We have gone on it before. It’s not worth the extra charge.

  3. Rebecca

    No, we won’t be buying it. We’ve ridden it twice and although we would enjoy riding it again, we’ll choose to wait if the stand by isn’t too long or just skip it. However, if I do change my mind in the future, whatever we pay to ride would be money taken away from merch or snacks budgets, so I would feel “good” knowing that Disney didn’t get additional money out of us in total.

    1. Jack

      So it’s $15 for the Lighting Pass and an additional $15 on top of that?

      1. Dana Sion

        an extra 15.00 for Rise.

        However I hear you can pay individually for the premium attractions such as Rise and not partake in the 15.00 genie+ package.

        Trust me, just when it starts to make some sort of reasonable sense something occurs that leaves you more confused than ever, this includes cast members who have admitted to media only being given a 15 min. Video for genie training.

  4. Lesia Lambert Conant

    I am still confused why Disney thinks this will improve the experience. Your still waiting a long period of time. I do think they should keep the reservation system and the lower compacity and bring back 7 day or 10 day ticket options. I think this would be a easier way and give all a opportunity to ride during your trip. I don’t have a issue with the idea but I do think this will need to be tweaked over time.


      It will improve the experience of shareholders and executive management making bigger profit and thus bigger bonuses, stock prices and dividends. This isn’t about guest experiences… its about the money grab. What kills me is every other theme park does it as a flat fee and Disney is trying to do it ala carte. I guess potentially, you could spend less than say at Universal, but with the high ticket price, this is starting to border on ridiculous. I love Disney, but the costs are just not worth it anymore. I’m doing 50th, cause I want to do 50th and then honestly, I’m probably done for a long while. I went from going yearly to haven’t gone in the last 4 years and after 50th, it will be a long time till I go again. At this point, I’d rather go to Universal… it isn’t as good, but the prices are much more reasonable. So disappointed in what the theme parks have become since I worked there from 98-2000 on my college program. The pride and such is gone.

  5. Phoebe L Ho

    If I didn’t have to purchase Genie-plus… pardon me, minus- for rides that have always been easier to get on…. maybe. But it looks like my one ride on it will be my one ride, since over here in Cali reservations for this will sell out in seconds, making the virtual queue impossible to use.
    Oh this was such a BAD idea.

  6. John

    Disney’s experience is getting less and less magical. No magic Express, no fastpass, and added fees and wait times. However, if you can skip the wait and ride more rides instead of standing around and waiting all day, it might be worth it.

  7. Mark

    There’s a sucker born every minute and Disney super fans are the biggest suckers

    1. Jd

      Amen. They created this mess. I’m done. No more for me. Universal has my business from now on

  8. Mike

    And with Disney’s new ride evacuation policy these people are even dumber than possible. If that ride breaks down while they are on it, they don’t get any express passes if they are evacuated from the ride. But paying $15 period is just dumber than dumb

  9. ChuckMcc

    The Disney machine creating profit. So what expense does DW meed to charge $15, up and above their ridiculously high daily pass??
    Today its optional to pay but tomorrow it will be mandatory on all rides that we’ve already paid dearly to ride.

  10. Mark

    Money talks folks and so can you! Go to guest services, write them an email, bug them, and let them know your thoughts. We won’t go until you give us back what you took. The “magic” and being our guest has become screw them out of every last penny they have in their pocket and laugh at the fools.

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