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primeval whirl

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  1. C

    It’s sad.

  2. Will

    The ride was terrible, as is the land still to this day…

    Anyone who actually visits the parks knows this.

    1. Robert.linkous

      Its sad and its

  3. I liked this ride. California Adventure had one like it, Mulholland Madness. I’ve ridden both. My family did not like it. I got to ride it once. It is sad to watch a ride get demolished. Disney Parks does not want suggestions from the public. I gave them a suggestion about improving Pizza Rizzo and I was contacted by their legal department. The legal department made it clear that they could not take any suggestions from the public.

  4. Al

    I love Animal kingdom…
    Dinoland is sad… it needs something.
    I hear they removed all the merch from Dinosaur so something is looming

  5. Kathy

    A dinosaur ride like Peter Pan or Snow White, so the younger kids and those with all the injuries etc that can’t handle to ride the scary DINOSAUR! ride (though I love the scary ride!!)

  6. Dirk Disco

    Hated this ride and that whole themed area.

    1. Darren Sample

      Having been to all the Disney parks in the world with the exception of Hong Kong. (Being at the opening of Shanghai was amazing!) I have to say this ride was the worst ride I ever experienced. As the ride turned and spinned of riding alone you would slide from side to side over a horrible ridge that was immensely painful. In all the times I have been to animal Kingdom over the years I only ride it once due to the pain and trauma! Never nice seeing any ride or attraction go, but on this occasion I can’t say I’m unhappy with the decision.

  7. Joe Rohde was the worst Imagineer in Disney history.

    This I his mess that is finally getting cleaned up. He also failed to make certain the Yeti would work correctly and wasted so much money with too much artistic overload that rides had to be shortened.

    Throw in the historical fact he allowed his ego to impact the park design when Entertainment wanted to have a parade, but Joe did not so he made the pathways too barow for floats. Only after the Entertainment heads went forward with a parade that involved puppets that could fit down Joe’s narrow path and thousands of Guest complaints did Joe finally concede he needed to widen the paths.

    There was also the Discovery Riverboats fiasco, lack of places to sit, lack of Cooling Sections.

    Finally, the Wildlife Express / Conservation Station disaster due to his inability to properly manage funds. The train was incapable of fitting the park ECCs until Maintenace made multiple adjustments including cutting out the seats and notching the doors out.

    Things have slowly improved, but Joe Rohde was HORRIBLE and should have been “retired” after all of these situations.

    As for Primeval Hurl… for those unaware there was video taken of when that attraction did an E-Stop (emergency stop) and 2 guests ended up banging their heads together with a sickening thud. How they were not knocked out is beyond me, but probably because they were teens they had less force from the collision. That is a Safety issue that should never have been allowed but due to budgets was allowed to remain.

    So happy to FINALLY see this horrible attraction replaced. I just wish more people would recognize Joe Rohde was one of the worst Imagineers of all time.

    1. Dirk Disco

      Thank you! Joe Rhode was AWFUL.

  8. Dee

    This ride was a lot of fun and laughs. My youngest son and I would ride it over and over and giggle til it hurt. I will miss it 😢

  9. Richard Mogg

    They should redo the dinosaur part of universe of energy and build a dark ride in the place of the roller coaster

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