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primeval whirl demolition

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  1. They already removed things that the wealthy will want at an auction. Now, they are bringing in the heavy equipment. I think this portion of the demo will go quickly. That portion of Dinoland really needs a rethink. Some of it was just thrown together to open the park. I hope somebody at Disney is thinking about a way to make it better.

    1. jo

      no no no… Chapek and board are greedy and they are not thinking better, they are thinking more $$$$. What would profit them even more.

      1. P. Gortuna

        They are taken away the only ride that was good ????

  2. EricJ

    This is increasingly starting to look like the Twilight of Dinoland USA, Dinosaur ride and Restaurantosaurus included–

    And, until we hear what might be groomed to replace it, the first start of two to three years of Armchair Imagineer fanboy “Oo, do we get a new Wakanda land, with a big Vibranium E-coaster, or a big new Raya & the Last Dragon area?”
    In fact, let’s just assume we’ve had those ALREADY, and move on…

  3. Lauren H

    I’m so sad to see this ride go. I loved it as I love all mousetrap type rides. My kids loved it too! Wish they could have just changed it but still kept it

  4. Coffee

    Time for a Starbucks.

  5. I liked this ride a lot. I felt it was so much better than the dinosaur ride. Sure, it did not have fancy animatronics and exceptionally loud audio, but it was thrilling none the less.

  6. James

    I agree, Starbucks location! However it is sad to see it go, my kids loved it. It was my daughter’s favorite .

    1. jo

      Who walks around drinking coffee in 100 degree weather? Starbucks not a good enough money maker for greedy Chapek. Maybe a splash pad for kids and rest stop for adults…Never happen. No money in resting. It will be a great money maker that benefits greedy Chapek and his board.

  7. Van

    Due to it’s location it opens up a lot of possibilities for Disney, including expanding this section of the park. How about a new roller coaster of some type which would take the line pressure off of the Yeti ride? Or, maybe a back entrance to Nemo? There are a lot of possibilities here.

    1. Taunya / Thomas McCombs

      I hate to know it’s going but like some of the other comments. I think it is greed total American Jews! In charge so what do you expect? They want more money 💰

  8. Sherry A Porter

    Awe, my family loved this ride. It was one that everyone could ride, and, get a small thrill out of. It was basically all we ever did in Dinoland, and, hardly ever had a long wait… so sad to see it go!!

  9. F

    I can’t say I’ll miss this ride it was pretty painful to ride with how jerky it was. I’ll miss dinoland usa with it’s cute road side attraction theme but I would also love to see another animal themed section. (Maybe Ducktales?)

  10. Cheryl

    There are so few rides in Animal Kingdom, I don’t understand why they took this one away. I never heard about an accident on it. Unless they are planning on doing away with Dinoland all together?

  11. Ryan C.

    I would have never called that ride popular. Just because a couple of people had some fond memories of it, it was mostly hated from the day it was opened. Matter of fact if you looked up top attractions that have to go in Disney it was top of most lists. In a lot of cases it was number one due to poor planning and design. It was a cheap build in a series of parks that usually spares no expense to entertain you. Matter of fact between that ride and the games section it wa poorly thought out. Now on the other side dinosaur land should not go instinct but should go though a slight redesign. After all it is true animal kingdom has a major shortage of rides and placing a couple of well thought out rides there would be the best move. Hopefully sticking with a dinosaur theme would be much appreciated considering dinosaurs actually existed compared to mythical dragons. Although adding another land together somewhere in the park themed to dragons would be nice considering it was originally a part of animal kingdoms original design. As for a raya theme area it would make most sense in a area off Asia but expanding Asia at the cost of dinosaur town would be a poor decision in general because now most of the park would be the Asia content.

    It will be interesting to see what is done in the near future with that area but things that should be done is new rides and hopefully stay dinosaur themed. Even with Universal Leading the dinosaur race just down the road.


    No big loss. Hope they put something better in its place.
    Been on it a few times. Didnt care for it.

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