Comments for Shut Down Universal Attraction Hints Reopening After Nearly 2 Years of Closure

Poseidon's fury

Credit: Bioreconstruct


  1. Haley

    I don’t know if it’s something they could legally do, but it’d be cool to see that attraction updated with the Percy Jackson series.

  2. Jason

    Poseidon was open before the pandemic and reopened with the parks when they reopened. It’s been down for about a year. This isn’t hard information to come by.

    1. Guru

      No it didn’t, it never reopened. It stayed closedas did most stage shows with the exception of the new Bourne stunt show

  3. DS10

    If the attraction closed for nearly 2 years, this means that the whole attraction is reborn. New effects, new lights, new storyline and more!

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