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rock n roller coaster guitar

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  1. Ckilps

    I was hoping they would re-theme into a Cars ride

  2. Eggserroneous

    Yes the band invites to the concert and offers a fast limousine ride through Hollywood (literally though the Hollywood sigh) with the band playing music in the background. But there is a small problem, you don’t make it too the concert in time. When you get out and off the “Car” you can hear the crowd roaring as to the end of the concert. after you pass though the doors of backstage there is a video of the band walking off stage.

  3. sam

    I know the internet is full of discussions of Disney theming the ride for IronMan. I have another suggestion that keeps the general theming in place:

    Make it the American Idol rock’n’roll coaster

    The general concept stays the same. The studio pre-scene would be changed to an audition for the show. When the singer has finished, they are told they are going to Hollywood, but they need to hurry as the show is about to start. They then ask if they can include their friends – aka the riders.

    This has the advantage that it would only be a small theming replacing Aerosmith with American Idol. This would bring in a tie-in to the (now) ABC show, which is a main part of the TV lineup.

    As the intro sequence is a video, it could be updated each season with the new judges, or could use a panel of judges from the past. It could also have a random selection of videos for the audition, so the ride is a bit different each time you go on it.

    There would not need to be any structural changes to the building or ride mechanics, which would make it a pretty cheap change.

    If done properly, the main physical change would be to update the Limo’s and signage at the start and during the ride as that is getting a bit dated, but that could even be skipped if necessary.

    1. American Idol has run it’s course. You’re replacing the current ride with something just as dated.

    2. Jolly

      The Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster in Disneyland Paris is being rethemed to Iron Man, not the one at Hollywood Studios. The contract with Universal prevents the one here from being rethemed to any Avengers-related character.

  4. Wayne

    Leave it alone. Aerosmith still relevant. Amen

  5. Tessa

    I’d love to see it painted like Eddie VanHalen’s Frankenstrat.

  6. Darius

    They need to shut this ride down for good. It ain’t even that popular. I been to Disney a few years we got right on that ride no wait. It ain’t even that big of a deal.

  7. Shannon

    I love the ride since it is one of the only fun ones for adults on the premises. Music is constantly evolving so if they do retheme it, maybe they should stay away from music. I’m fine with Aerosmith though. And please nothing kiddie like cars. It is not a small child ride, and it’s one of the few breaks away from kiddie themes everywhere.

  8. EM

    One of my favorite rides at WDW. Have to get on early or it is a long wait. Love the music since it is from my era. We always hit that and TOT as soon as we get to Hollywood Studios.

  9. Vanessa

    I’d love to see them retheme it to incorporate Inside Out. I think Aerosmith is not relevant anymore, most kids don’t even know who the band is, unless their parents still listen to it. But, a crazy roller coaster into the mind of a little girl with all the memories, bright colors and emotions…that will stay relevant for a long time.

  10. Kyle Davis

    I have to admit, this ride isn’t a favorite of mine. They can’t retheme it to new Aerosmith music because of licensing. A cars ride could make since since there is a cars show nearby but it sounds like they are doubling down on the cheap and maybe retheming it to a different band. My wife got physically ill after riding this ride once but the reason why I didn’t like it was everytime I got on the ride I’d always be stuck hearing one of their b side tunes and not any of their more popular ones. An american idol retheme would probably be easier to do than a cars retheme but would still be more expensive than just retheming the ride around a different band.

  11. CarolineRN

    OMG!!! Just leave it alone.
    Aerosmith is a classic on steroids! My entire family really, really loves this one.
    It’s an iconic experience, the classic rock music being blasted and a heavy duty base to boot😳 Not only is it played on what feels like umpteen G’s during the ride but in the wait line and that”studio room” too. The base we’re hearing in any one of the songs being played just magnifies the fun! Having a pop culture, rock themed Aerosmith ride along with that sound were blasted with is about as unique as it gets!

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