Comments for Orlando International Airport Has a New “FastPass” System to Beat the Massive Lines


Credit: Orlando International Airport


  1. Andrea

    Honestly the best way to fly is through Tampa. The airport is head and shoulders above Orlando. Save your money and fly TPA.

  2. Jay Scott

    Clear sucks. They have limited hours and airports across the country. Get TSA pre-check or better Global Entry, both are cheaper then clear too.

  3. Stan

    Only will use it because my credit card provides free membership to Clear.

  4. May

    It costs money?! Why would anybody pay that if its cost money? They can just get TSA precheck.

    Right now it’s free, but only for morning hours to 10 40 am, during which time the lines are short anyway. What a waste.

  5. Social Papaya

    What a bunch of nonsense. Pay extra to schedule your place in line so those who can’t afford it will be even more likely to miss their flights. Good job.

    1. Gern Blanston


      How is scheduling your arrival with Clear causing others to likely miss their flights? This is completely separate from the standard lines so there is no issue here.

      Read more!

  6. Ann

    Instead of the $179 a year for Clear do TSA Precheck. It’s $85 for 5 years. I have never had a problem with lines. As for Orlando International, when they cancel your flight for 2 days (happened Sept 23) don’t believe JetBlue that there are no rooms. Go right to Hyatt in the airport! Amazing customer service after being stuck in the terminal!

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