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  1. Suegee0

    Are you just assuming this based on your search? I have a one night reservation from November 5-6.

    1. TacoCat

      If you already had a one night reservation, you can keep it. But, you cannot book a new one night reservation.

  2. Sue

    Disney is getting desperate.

    1. Kate

      I tried to book a 7 night stay at All Stars in Feb and I could only book an 8 or 9 month stay.
      I as block out. No reservations,showed up for All Star with less than 8 days.

  3. Deb

    Disney resort rooms receive a light cleaning every other day. A one night stay may not be that cost effective especially if they have to do a deeper clean.

  4. Carolyn

    What is going on with Disney and who is the culprit in all of these changes? Higher prices on tickets, then paying for lightening lane, shortened menus and raising pricing on meals, parking at the hotels and now minimum stay going to two nights. It is so sad and I believe Walt Disney would be so unhappy as to what’s going on. Walt believed in families going to the parks and enjoying their time together. Stop crushing your guests!

    1. Tim

      Carolyn I know this is long winded and covers a lot but I think that it helps to explain why Disney is doing the things they are doing.
      The simple answer is Chapek. He is on a mission to destroy the Disney company. The only thing in your list of increased prices, that is not his doing, are the food as the cost of all food has increased so much over the past year. While that is not completely true either as the price of food has increase it has not gone up as much as the parks have increased the prices. Further it is not just the parks that are terrible, look at what family entertainment has been released from the studios. All of it has not had an original idea associated with it and that is a problem from before Chapek’s take over. Disney himself learned this very early on and actually quoted about it. ” you can’t top pigs with pigs”. He was anti sequel because he felt that things should be new and different. The Disney has put out more sequels for the past 25 years then new concepts. Probably longer than that. Even the “new” live action movies are remakes of the old animated movies. But then again this is not just a Disney issue this is the entire Movie industry. Disney use to be ground breaking now they are just riding along and not pushing the limits. Many entertainment companies that se to look at Disney as the place they want to be are now way past Disney and increasing their lead. The parks are suffering from this because they are no longer innovative they are just expensive marketing machines for the failures of the company so they can try to recover the financial losses from the failures. There are now two parks at Disney that have no focus on what they are. EPCOT has gone from the idea of a worlds fair to I have no idea what it is other than an event center with no direction anymore nothing seems to tie together with the next. The other is the “Studios”. This park lost its direction a longtime ago when they stopped producing anything there. It went from how we make movies to this is where we can put the IPs that we own. While I think that the IPs are important they don’t offer a cohesive story. The Studios remind me of Cedar Fair (With the exception of Knott’s) and Six Flags parks in that they put IPs (that they pay for) in the park but it has no rhyme or reason for why. The parks are fun but they lack the story telling that Disney for so many years had done. Everything in a Disney Park had to have a back story before it was built. Over the years the story may change but there was still a story. Now we have parks that have no story to follow so we end up wit Cedar Disney or Disney Flags park rather than Walt Disney Company Parks. The Company leadership over the past 20 or so years have turned the parks into exactly the thing Walt didn’t want. I have written a lot and probably should write an opinion piece on this subject but I doubt anyone will be interested in it. So I just comment here and there on what I see as the issues with the Disney Company. If you stuck it out this long thank you.

      1. Kelly Connerton

        That was a well thought out piece and makes sense and I think you have captured the culture of current disney.

      2. CT

        Agree 100%. The Magic is gone.

      3. Tonya


        You are spot on in all aspects of your post. Unfortunately, it seems as though the more complaining we do, the more Chapek takes away. It really has me dumbfounded how ignorant this guy is. It truly feels like he is set on running the company into the ground. Just a few years ago, you didn’t have to look far to find “magic”. The magic began as soon as you arrived at MCO and shortly thereafter your luggage magically appears in your hotel room, leaving the guests with nothing better to do than to immediately begin their fun within the parks…. Now you get to battle it out at the baggage claim carousel and then drag it back to your hotel room and then rush to the parks, essentially taking at least two hours out of your playtime. Before long, you are going to have to find your own ride to and from the hotel as well, so there’s that. I spoke with a cast member this past trip (I was there for the 50th Anniversary) of whom was with Disney pre-pandemic and has just been brought back onboard. Very passionate young man, raised on Disney and loves every aspect. He expressed his disappointment with the new CEO and indicated that most cast members are now feeling under appreciated but yet the majority of them continue to bring their magical energy to us within the parks every day. Just imagine what happens as these passionate cast members cycle out and new “employees” are brought in. The magic will lessen and lessen even further as I don’t know how one can continue to feel passionate about a company that is slowly circling the bowl.

      4. Lucille

        Oh so true. I have said the same thing to my husband. No imagination anywhere. Whether in the Parks or on the screen, it’s regurgitation of old shows that I watched 20 years ago and no rthym or reason for the rides in the parks. The powers that be have lost focus and just want to make money and make sure their salaries and stock options are doing well. 🤮😡😡

  5. Ed Marks

    I feel that they are having trouble with hotel reservations & ticket sales dropping after getting rid of free fast passes, etc. Disney is trying to increase profits in the event that this trend does not change.

  6. Kimberly Catledge

    I recently noticed this also. I asked a cast member about it via the chat and she told me if I call in, I would be able to book the one night alone.

    1. Kelly Connerton

      Thats what I had to do back in Feb,

  7. Barb304

    Chapek is killing WDW. The Disney company needs to get rid of him NOW!

    1. CT

      Agree 100%

    2. Sandy

      I agree! He doesn’t appear to understand or care about anything that Walt believed!
      That being said, is there anyone in the WALT DISNEY COMPANY who does think or care as Walt did!!!
      It makes me so angry that this has been permitted to happen!
      They could care less about Walt’s dream!

  8. Phoebe L Ho

    Well gee whiz. If I ever got to Disney World I’d have to stay for more than one night anyway. Yeah. One park per day. The place is so huge I can’t see how park-hopping is possible without exhaustion.

  9. CT

    I have not been since 2002 and have been wanting to go back but from Every thing I have been reading lately the magic is definitely gone.

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