Comments for Guest Notices Signs of Mildew, Mold Growing on Disney World Buses

disney world bus

Left Image Credit: Inside the Magic Kelly C. / Right Image Credit: Reddit user jivey15


  1. Tim

    Since this is a free perk for Disney Guests I can see this going several different ways. 1. They say it is the fault of not having enough staff. Or 2. they ignore it (highly unlikely), 3. they get rid of the transportation system altogether. Or Most likely under the Chapek era Charge a premium for use of the transportation system so that there will be proper upkeep done (as the reason to charge guests for a service that they are already paying for)

  2. Joey Price

    Very easy to see cause. These units have been storage on the parking lots. They were pulled back into service without proper service due to the big influx of guests during the 50th festivities.

  3. SG

    Disney really needs to clean these buses thoroughly, gross! Mold makes us sick especially the immune suppressed. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen because now it’s been brought to their attention and we all know it!

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