Comments for Google Earth Reveals Massive Hidden Haunted Mansion Show Building

haunted mansion show building

Credit: Screenshot via Google Earth


  1. Chris

    It’s only been like that since 1969.

  2. michael

    I swear they get idiots to write this stuff that’s been known since the beginning of the park’s construction and over head pics of the area

  3. JFO

    Kelly… your articles are getting more and more boring and obvious with old info that’s been accessible everywhere for years. I know you’re out of state and don’t get to be here as much as some of us do, but please tell us something we don’t know! *yawn* I need your gig. I’m at the parks every week LOL

  4. Cameron

    How is this news

  5. James

    Thanks Captain Obvious, have you ridden the ride, pssst, IT IS A HUGE RIDE

  6. Ali

    I’d like to second Cameron in saying, “how is this news?”. This has been there since it first opened. This is not the first time we’ve seen this. We all know this exists.

  7. Sarah

    I for one had never seen the show buildings from above and thought this was pretty neat info. Love love love Haunted Mansion!

  8. Alé

    Whoever wrote this clearly just discovered google maps

  9. Not News

    “Reveals” something thats been there since it opened and since everyone had access to google maps terrain view…

  10. Vance

    Is it “new” news, no. Is it informative and interesting, especially for newbies, why, yes it is… As far as click bate goes, it’s great! Why the complaints? It’s not like it’s saying, “oh, news flash”, or anything… Get a life, folks. It’s not like this is an insurrection or anything, it’s Disney for goodness sake. You would be happier if it was a sinkhole or something… 😉

  11. Les Anderson

    People here talk as if everyone should know what they do. Here’s an FYI, many of the people who go here are children or 1st time visitors, so aren’t aware of the back area. I first went to Disneyland in 66 and can tell you that even to this day don’t think of the back lot, even when applying to work at Disney World in the early 90’s.

    So if you find this uninteresting or below your scope of knowledge, read something else because contrary to your opinions my guess is most people aren’t aware of the back-of-the-house.

  12. Abigale Buss

    I was always like my mom, in that I never really wondered about how things actually worked, or how things came to be and such. I found this very interesting.

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