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Cast of 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. G-Mac

    Richard Ryder is awesome (one of my favorite MARVEL characters) & Sam Alexander is horrible… Also, Richard Ryder has been back for a while now in comics & is currently a member of GOTG

  2. Daryl Stovall

    FYI: Nova #1/Richard Rider was released in the pre-fall of 1976. I picked up the aforementioned #1 before entering my last year of High School (76/77).

  3. hi

    I’d love to see nova but if Chris Pratt has anything to do with it I won’t spend my money to see a pedophile on screen. period.

    1. GrainofSalt

      What are you talking about?

  4. Chris Weppler

    If you’re going to make a NOVA movie, please retain Rich RIder (no ys in his name, kids) as the titular title character. Let’s start with him as the lower-powered, slightly earthbound character who has to get to know his powers (powers which came directly from Rhomann Dey, not a helmet exchange (article writers; do your research!)) rather than make him a cosmic powerhouse right off the bat. Perhaps the MCU could get right with Nova what they screwed up with Spider-Man.

  5. Mr. Prime Minister

    Isn’t Gamora dead?

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