Comments for Marvel Fans Fire Back at HBO’s John Oliver for Taking Shot at MCU

john oliver hiding from the marvel cinematic universe endgame poster


  1. Thomas

    A joke is a joke. This country is becoming filled with overly sensitive people who get their “oh” so precious feelings hurt at the drop of an adjective.
    Grow up and realize. If you don’t like what someone says. Don’t watch!

  2. Willum Underhill

    People! This man is a comedian. Granted, not a great one, but still a comedian. If the joke didn’t fly for you, let him know it bombed. That’s it. Don’t become one of those many ‘Snowflakes’ out there that is epidermal challenged. Now quit crying and go watch Chappelle a master of his craft. Nuff said. (PS: I’m a Marvel fan all day long)


    1. RC

      Eh he’s pretty good

  3. Ma Cristina Manzano

    It’s hard to accept reality. MCU is not real and empty a mindless fun that I enjoy, but really people grow up.

  4. Pete

    I mean, he’s not wrong. I love Marvel movies but let’s be honest about what they are.

  5. Paula

    In these days of ‘woke-ness’, comedians have it rough enough as it is. And this is coming from a huge Marvel fan…..and NOT a J Oliver one!
    Guess he is right…..most, do need to grow up. Comedy is what it is……good, bad, or….eh. Just move on.

  6. Ashe

    Ok, lets be real here. We’ve been basically watching the same marvel movie for the last decade, and are told that they’re all different films. So no he’s correct, MCU is dry of content. And has been for the last nine years. And if you get butt hurt that “TV funny man” made fun of your favorite thing, you’re the one who needs to grow up and understand that Opinions have never been fact.

  7. John Brooks

    It was a joke from a comedian. Some fans take themselves and their obsessions way too seriously. It’s a movie franchise, not a cult. Sure I love the MCU too but I also like to laugh. John Oliver was right…grow up!

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