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Miles Morales

Credit: Marvel Studios / Sony


  1. EricJ

    Great, now that stupid Captain Marvel sequel is all we’re going to GET of Kamala Khan.
    She’s the only reason most of us were seeing it anyway.

    1. This article is about a comic book. The TV series airs next year.

      1. Adam

        These characters blow. Saying everyone loves them is laughable. Kill them all off and the kids who dont read them including most girls, still wont read them.

    2. Sen Ben

      So you speak for everyone? Cute how you think you’re special 😅

    3. Sen Ben

      You’re obviously can’t read because they’re CLEARLY talking about the comics not the movies and TV series

    4. RyanWithAnA

      Then don’t watch it. You won’t be missed

    5. Eli

      She’s the reason why they canceled that sorry series.
      Without a doubt the Worst Character written In A Very very very Long Time.
      Only Little Muslim Girls like you find her relavint.
      You little 12 year old Girl. Go back to watching Disney.

      1. Dez

        It’s *relevant smh you can’t even spell correctly and you have the AUDACITY to try and insult someone?

  2. John Wokeman

    The Burger King Kids club of marvel

    1. Sen Ben

      What does that even mean?

      1. Peepeepoopoo

        Think about it for two seconds lmao wow

  3. Michael Feldman

    The Champion’s comic book series was never a big seller, hence the constant rebooting and multiple volume numbers. And Miles already has his own movie, “Into the Spider-verse” and the other characters are not as beloved as you think they are.
    They certainly are going to get their chance in both Disney+ and the MCU but we’ll see how the more general audience of the movies takes to them.

  4. Nt

    Just kind of thinking out loud here…. If they were as popular as people think, why would they cancel them? Obviously they aren’t bringing in the sales that other stuff is so why would they waste money producing something that isn’t worth it financially? I think most people would agree there’s nothing wrong with adding more diverse characters but the way that tends to happen usually feels very forced and artificial.

    1. Sen Ben

      How is it forced?

      1. Jb

        Right. Miles is an original character. How on earth is he “forced”?

  5. ComicIdiot

    I’m aware that this article is about the comics but the title is very misleading and just poor journalism.
    Give it 2 months and those characters will be right back in the books. There’s no “canceling”. It’s just the end of a series.

  6. Kap'nKirk

    Ha ! Spot on.

  7. David

    Miles has his own ongoing series, and Kamala has a new solo series starting in a month or so.

  8. Eli

    How is he forced? Hmm let’s see. Let’s Make a black spider man. In a time where people were complaining that there aren’t enough Black Super hero it was alla publicity stunt. And every one knows that. Well except for you. 🤣

  9. Eli

    But miles I could care less about.
    Its that Taliban towel head Kahn Jr that i really don’t like at all.
    Talk about publicity Stunt. Awful character.
    And of course Disney was gonna bring her in. That’s all they care about is money money money. Disney kills everything just like all you Disney fan f#!ks

    1. David

      Wow, this is racist and hateful. Is this something that belongs on a Disney fan/news site?

  10. David

    In the Previews for December, both Kamala and Miles have their own series–and Kamala’s is starting with a new #1!

  11. Chawaun

    If either of those characters were “beloved” by most fans, then their books wouldn’t be constantly cancelled due to no sales volume. Yet the weirdos who write stuff like this article continue to inexplicably live in “clown-world” of their own…

  12. Trashpanda

    I just hope everyone has fun!

  13. Chris

    Whoever titled this article should be commended and then fired. You know full well 100% that everyone who read the title would be thinking about the upcoming Disney+ shows.

  14. Laura Inglis

    Sad that you failed to point out that Miles and Ms. Marvel have their own individual comic book series.

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