Comments for Top Secret Marvel Retreat Canceled Andrew Garfield’s ‘Spider-Man’ Trilogy

Kevin Feige at D23

Credit: D23


  1. EricJ

    Not only was Amazing 2 just an excuse for greedy Sony to try and set up a Sinister Six movie (which Warner countered with a Suicide Squad movie), both Webb and Garfield were leaning HEAVILY toward putting their own LGBT sensibilities into the franchise–

    It’s pretty noticeable with Peter’s relationship with Harry in Amazing 2, Jamie Foxx’s “It’s not my fault!” metaphor as Electro was facepalm-worthy, and when Garfield went around in interviews teasing Twitter-fan dreams of “Should Peter invite Harry to the prom?”, we first thought he was kidding…
    Thank you, Kevin, we dodged a BULLET.

  2. Cody

    It appears that Kevin Feige is to blame for cutting Andrew Garfield’s time short and why his story ended with cliffhangers. No wonder I hate the MCU!

  3. Marom

    Same. Some many wrong steps that threw away what could’ve the greatest example of the character ever since The Raimi Trilogy Ended, shame they had no idea how to take proper care of it.

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