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  1. Jo Momma


  2. Dan Mar

    Yes, I would really love to see Sasha Banks come back. I had no idea she was a wrestler, right anything to do with WWE. Although growing up I was really into wrestling and all the wrestling characters. I have not known anything about that world since it had been called WWF. Anyway, I thought you did a fantastic job and I would love to see her back in that character role. I thought she was definitely bad ass looking so strong and being so petite compared to the others.

    1. Stace

      I actually can’t believe she’s not in season 3…..

  3. Dan Mar

    Well this comment section sucks. I can’t go back and edit my comment. I just noticed a few typos and syntax errors. Oh well, you guys can figure it out I’m sure.

  4. Robert Piggott

    Well, that’s a bummer. Even though her role was minimal, she was a perfect fit for the role. I wonder what exactly is keeping her from coming back for that role.

    1. Aryn Hanley

      Probably ran afoul of the very small group of the ” woke ” nation that gets ” offended ” when actors don’t kiss their butts & agree with their warped sense of social justice that many, such as this website and Disney, like to label as ” fans ” and use their opinions as what true fans think and like.

  5. Charles

    Not popular. Not an actress? Just a wrestler with some free time getting put in a project like Randy Orton in The Marine 2.

    1. jw

      Sackoff was Great in Battle Star Galactica, but her style has been overly played in every role since then. How many Defiant, Rule breakers can she possibly play? bc I’m sorry, shes not that great of an actress and now close to 40? Sci is just like pop culture, Music culture, once a Womans age starts to show?? shes no longer relevant. I’m horribly sorry if women or anyone thinks that’s a Sexist statement, however how Relavent is Madonna these Days?? when is the last time you heard about Cindy Lauper?? Everyone has an Expiration date, and if you think this is Mean Spirited? Take a hard Unbiased look at FB? and how others-Mainly Women, Have treated their so-Called “Sisters”. Tremendously detrimental to a Womans Self Esteem, that’s just 1 womans insider knowledge on what SM does to Women entertainers..

      1. J

        Read the whole story.

  6. Michael A

    Pedro cannot start filming until June 2022.

    His contract has him priority on the ‘last of Us’ and he’s Not even allowed to film in his downtime. They have his time locked until June. Evidently it’s taking 9 months to film this first season of the show. Will be lucky to get a new mandalorian season 3 by Christmas 2022 or more than likely May 4th 2023.
    No wonder there are rumors of the show abandoning Mando and focusing on other mandalorians during or after the season and Pedro going on his way.

    1. Michael A

      Also it is said some of the mandalorian is being filmed now but only with his stunt double.

      The same crew that did Obi-Wan Kenobi also does andalorian

    2. M. Bry

      Honestly, only they need is his voice that can be dubbed in post production.

  7. Gina is the one they should bring back, but hey, get woke, go broke Disney!

    1. bpc908

      Cry more bro.

      1. Fu

        Shut yer caaaawk h0lster bro.

    2. Peter

      For real, no one cares. People are still going to watch and y’all can keep on pouting.

      1. Fu

        Eat a Wang

  8. Jay

    This will work out great for her – she is getting out at a good time. Season 2 will be the high point of the Mandalorian. It is now plagued with endless delays, and Lucasfilm exposed themselves as as tone deaf, clueless incompetent wokesters by the way they treated Gina Carano. They lost a huge portion of the fanbase. The buzz is gone. Good time for Sasha to move on.

  9. D. Brian Weaver

    Who cares, Banks barely said a half dozen words and looked like a deer in the headlights of a Mack Truck so she won’t be missed….

    1. Fu

      Go f yerself wokester. Normal people don’t care about your weaponized minority.

  10. James

    Another bait and switch article. Can writers please start gaining readers based on their merit instead of misleading people with subject titles and photos like was done with Katee Sackhoff in this article?

    1. Fu

      What do you expect from diversity hires?

  11. Turd Ferguson

    Seems weird that they didn’t mention Gina Carano also leaving the series even though it seems pretty relevant ­čĄö maybe this girl will go over to Daiky Wire too

    1. Fu

      Get woke, go broke!

  12. Jamie Coughlin

    Another strong woman who voiced her own opinion. She was done for. Mando probably will be helmeted up the whole season and Pedro will just do his voice over. I suspect he may get his wish to be off The Mandalorian.

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