Comments for Magic Kingdom Wait Times Are Shockingly LOW On 50th Anniversary!

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Credit: Disney


  1. Tess

    Of course, the lines to buy merchandise are long. Resellers are trying to snag what they can so they can re-sell for huge profits on social media and eBay. Annual passholders get 10% off, then re-sell the items for a profit. It’s ridiculous.

    1. Roberta

      Passholders get 20% and resellers should have their pass revoked and banned. Disney also needs to implement scanning the pass to limit purchasing and coming back for more or going to a different store to purchase more.

    2. Manny

      Guess what for those hucksters. Limit two items per customer. So much for your EBay empire. If businesses would have done this at the start of the pandemic we would have curtailed the shortages.

  2. Lisa

    We were there from sun up today. I can tell you exactly why the ride lines were low…all the people were standing in food and merchandise lines. We ride everything we wanted today in very short times, but waited over an our for lunch even using mobile ordering. The lines to get popcorn buckets were insane at every single cart. I’ve never seen such a thing.

    1. Lisa

      ^rode, not ride

  3. Manny

    Just to be clear the park are over capacity. Since Disney is not forced to disclose attendance no one will ever know.

  4. Philip

    They were short because people were either shopping or standing in line to shop, for merchandise that was long since sold out, or they were anchoring their spot for the anniversary fireworks that never appeared. Overall, it was the lamest anniversary we have been to at Disney.
    Thanks Bob

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