Comments for Magic Key Holders Have Only Three Weekend Reservation Dates Available Until January

DL DCA Magic Key

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  1. Brooke

    Chapek is pulsing the AP’s. He wants ticket holders over AP’s, the former spends more than the latter. He’s said this repeatedly. If you are an AP holder, sorry…sigh a Magic Key holder…try to make a reservation through the ‘ticket’ option. You’ll see availability.

  2. KNS

    The MK/AP holders need to accept the new normal. There are capacity limits and staffing shortages contributing to fewer reservations being available. I think some MK/AP holders have become very selfish and have a feeling of entitlement. Why should reservation slots be held for folks coming for only a few hours?

    That being said, I believe Disney was greedy starting up the Magic Key program in the middle of a pandemic. It could have been delayed until next year, or should have blocked out weekends from the start.

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