Comments for New Disney World Show Becomes Viral Sensation One Week After Debut

Various scenes of kites crash landing in Disney KiteTails

Credit (L-R): @melschnef Twitter / @thetragickingdom TikTok / @pagingmrmorrow TikTok / @kenziegirlxo_13 TikTok


  1. I will never understand why they stopped rivers of light. It was so absolutely amazing. Then THIS takes its place. Shameful

    1. Jason

      Hey, kites are cheaper than barges and lights I guess. I planned on avoiding this like the plague, but now I’m kind of interested in seeing it just to watch the disaster.

  2. Ken Brenner

    Hi. Sorry to hear they had problems.
    But, there was no need to change so many things (i.e. get rid of Rivers of Light, Illuminations, and Wishes). Just because something is old, doesn’t mean it has to be replaced. I felt Illuminations was a wonderful show with great music. And, it didn’t completely mess up the view across the formerly beautiful lake at Epcot.
    Sorry, the subject or new gets me going…
    God Bless

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