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Kevin Lively

Credit: Kevin Lively Twitter


  1. Manny

    Welcome to the plantation that is Floriduh. Less wages, less rights, and winner of so many top ten categories.

  2. yoyo

    Sounds like greedy man chapek at work. I was raised an Army brat. When the Army said go,, you went. It was my father’s job. I think it is wrong to try and force people to move. Disney is not the Military. Feel bad for all those Californians.

  3. Kirk

    Let’s see innovation which state is more synonymous with innovation… not Florida. So why has all of the sudden they want imagineering in Florida? Didn’t they try this before and failed miserably.

  4. Barb304

    I can relate to Lively. I feel the same about my home!

    1. Ann

      Florida? That’s where true creativity and imagineering go to retire in the swamps.
      But actually the real Disney thinkers are in Burbank CA and staying there. We all know CA is the state w/the talent

  5. Mickeymouse3

    Guess even Disney is tired of the lockdowns, high taxes and lack of government cooperation in kalifornistan. Why not move to a cheaper venue?
    BTW, as much as I detest Bob Paycheck, this was initiated under Iger.

    1. KenG

      True,,,,As Tesla just announced they will be moving the vehicle operations to Texas and possibly SPaceX. Manufacturing will still stay in the Bay Area for cars the time being.

      1. Ann

        I worked in the next building of the Toyota head quarters back in 2005 when they relocated to Texas. That same year Honda headquarters located a few blocks away relocated to Tennessee. CA just kept growing becoming more and more successful by the year.
        Tesla building a gigafactory in Texas actually makes sense. Lol interesting that Musk sold all his real estate holdings…except his CA property. Just saying.

    2. Ann

      You do know that for over a decade CA is one of the largest economies in the World right? And since I live here I can tell you I would not want to live anywhere else.
      We also have the largest military force across the from all 5 branches here in good ole CA.
      We are also one of the top agricultural exporters in the world…I forgot were ewe are at now, last I checked we were #5.
      Buddy, the truth is CA is the most powerful state in the most powerful country. No wonder you hate CA. Lol.

  6. Mik

    I don’t buy it. FL is way cheaper to live in, with a way higher quality of life, a booming economy, massive growth, and haven’t needed to recall our governer.

    If you don’t want to relocate because of family, I get it, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Welcome to the new world where you follow the jobs.

    Good news is they’ll find someone who is just as talented, and more motivated to fill his spot no problem. These imagine ers and others should realize how insanely replaable everyone is now.

    1. TOM

      I’m sure you feel the same way when your company tells you to get a vaccine then, right? I mean. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do… The good news is that if you don’t want to get vaccinated I’m sure it will be a lot easier to fill your job than it us to find someone qualified to be an Imagineer.

  7. Jamie Coughlin

    I also don’t understand the finances thing. If they are making you move they should cover your moving expenses and if not you can deduct them from your taxes. You can buy a MANSION in FL (even central FL) compared to what you pay for a 3 Br/2 BR house in California. The weather is comparable, the crime rate is low, the quality of life as for as opportunities and things to do and see is great in central FL. Yes you might have to move from your family but phones and planes go both ways every day. But I can also relate to not wanting to deal with change.

  8. Matthew Brewster

    I can understand why Californians would not want to move all the way across the country, just so they can work right next door to a GIANT AIRPORT!

  9. Andy Disnel

    Cast Members have 2-3 years to either relocate or have that as their end date.

    Cast Members had until end of October to attest to being vaccinated or separate.

    I’ll let you do the math.

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