Comments for Fans Ask Disney to Ban Inappropriate Shirts That Went Viral

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  1. CM

    This isn’t a problem at the Disney Parks. I’ve never seen anything like this in over 10 years of being a passholder. This is one time thing and people freaking out.

    1. None

      I accidentally attended DisneyLand on an unofficial Gay Day, I wish the t-shirts I saw that day were this tame. They were absolutely worse, with several of them listing their preferred sexual acts. Everyone was so afraid of offending the guests that they let them all in. It was honestly, crude and grotesque and horrifyingly inappropriate for a child friendly amusement park.

      1. Mike

        Couldn’t agree more. Was there during pride month. It was ridiculous. One of them tried to fight my 17 year old son because he was sitting and eating a turkey leg where they wanted to take a picture. Security came and basically told them to F off.

        1. cleesp@yahoo.com

          Maybe you people should get your mind out of the trash

          1. Chris D'Arco

            So now we are going to start banning innuendo? When are people going to grow backbones and learn how to handle situations?? When something offends you it is OK to ignore it and move on.

            1. ahn

              Wow… some bloggers some reporter wants a new stories really making a big deal out of nothing

            2. Billie Hanson

              When are you going to get the point?

          2. Billie Hanson

            Maybe you should stop sexualiizing children.

        2. I think it’s the way the person mind reads things some right away think the inappropriate things others will think regular but I would say that the girl is what people’s right away it was wrong because of the way it’s written.
          I hope you all understand what I trying to say

      2. IHWDW

        Unfortunately the woke messages are allowed now. Disney has taken a turn for the worse.

      3. Diznee ED

        I am personally very liberal, however I don’t want political or sexual views flaunted in my face when visiting a theme park, casino, or sports arena. Do what you want. You have the right to believe in what you want, just don’t force me to do the same.

        1. Manni Marco

          That’s not very liberal of you. It’s not obscene, and it’s meant to make pearl-clutchers do their thing. That D is a trademark for Disney. If you think it means something else then maybe you should stop looking for sexuality in benign and lame joke t-shirts. It’s almost as if you’re pushing your sexual agenda on everyone else…Weird…

      4. Eric

        If you’re considering banning one type of innopropriate get ready to ban them ALL.

        1. Mike L

          Give me a break! There’s nothing wrong with the shirts. Nothing to ban. I swear, this generation is absolutely pathetic! Everything hurts your feelings. Get over it candyasses!

      5. Jeremiah McKenna

        You’re forgetting who is running Disney now.

    2. Mike

      You clearly aren’t paying attention.

    3. Alonso

      Lol. Really …. ? Not offended get over it people.

    4. Billie Hanson

      I am a former cast member and NO it’s not a one-time thing.

    5. Mnorail

      I’ve seen and heard much worse on Disney +;-)

    6. Roberto M. de la Vega

      Not sure why this is inappropriate but if others think it is than maybe Disney needs to invoke a Daily Dress Code.

      1. Edgy

        I don’t think there is anything wrong with the shirts. The dirt is in the minds of the beholder!

    7. T

      I know what I think when I see these shirts, and I’m probably right. However, if you ban these shirts then what’s next, political statements on shirts. If Disney had a problem with these people wearing that shirt, they should have offered them a new shirt or ask them to cover up or leave the park showing them the Disney policy according to attire.

    8. Greg

      This shirt has been around for the last 3 to 5 years in California.

  2. Chris

    Ok, guise I am naive, but I have no clue what this means that would be inappropriate.

    1. Frostysnowman

      Giving someone “the D” is a euphemism for having sex. 😉

      1. Peter George

        I’m 75 and didn’t know that – must be something you Yanks came up with.

        1. Jamie rademacher

          People need to stop being so sensitive over everything these shirts don’t bother me at all but then I don’t have my mind in the trash

          1. Billie Hanson

            It’s not always about YOU. Although, apparently you think it is.

            1. Manni Marco

              Who is it about then? I’m guessing you’ll say, “But think of the children!”

              Stop using children as a shield to impart your own stances and viewpoints. Children won’t understand the innuendo, and if they do, then it says more about the parents than anyone else. That “D” stands for Disney. If you think it’s “sexual” just because it borrows phrasing from innuendo, then that’s on you and your own dirty mind.

        2. Jeremiah McKenna

          What part begins with D?

          1. Sandy

            Jeremiah, I’m thinking part of the male is the D part. But I could be wrong.

            1. E=Mc

              Seriously if people are going to get bent over these T-shirts then Disney needs to do a better job of banning the wannabe Insta whores that walk around with half their butt hanging out the bottom of their shorts (at kid eye level) or worse at Typhoon Lagoon the three women and one girl I saw wearing dental floss as swim bottoms. “Family park” my A$$, how about we all get over the fake horror of T-shirt innuendo that little kids don’t even understand because let’s be honest if your kid knows what that means it’s already too late to feign concern.

        3. Rob

          Clearly those upset by a Disney sexual innuendo have never seen a Disney film.

      2. Nathan

        Considering that Disney sells gay pride merchandise in the parks I think they should set the example of leaving sex out of the parks

        1. Fiona

          Pride isn’t about sex, it’s about love. If you wanna ban pride merch, might as well ban valentine’s merch. Although…. Let’s be honest… In both cases it’s merch, so it’s really about money.

        2. Manni Marco

          You realize “being gay” isn’t JUST about sex, right? How dense are you?

    2. Carl Maltzman

      I am with you. I see below what it means. Never heard this before in my life in New York City.

    3. Jayson

      Wow, what the hell happened. People used to have thicker skin. Does the FIRST AMENDMENT ring a bell?? If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Mind your own business!!

    4. Sandy

      I was wondering if it was a sex thing but I really wasn’t sure. I figured the D could also stand for Diamond. There are so many inside jokes, it really could have been that innocent. I think people get too offended too easily now a days. I’ve seen much worse in ever day life.

      Also, one last thought…if we didn’t know or weren’t sure what it stood for, there’s a pretty good chance kids won’t know what it means.

  3. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    People need to get a grip. It isn’t inappropriate. It’s fun! He gave her a trip to Disney! That’s what the stylized D represents.

    1. Regina Phalange

      You said it Anastasia!

    2. Lawrence

      I agree. I read Disney trip. Get your mind out of the gutter people!

      1. Brenda Goodman

        I agree. Good grief. I read it as Disney trip.

    3. Stephani

      Grow up people. Geez everything is becoming offensive. What a sad sad world we live in. People are more worried about others shirts rather than enjoy that expensive trip they just took. It’s 2021 people!!

      1. Julie

        Oh,Please. Hypocrites.. Disney is RIPE with sexual innuendo in so many films that children’ see every single day. For one tiny example, it’s no coincidence that Buzz’s wings pop out when he sees Jessie. Or Ursula when says “Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter”. And if you think this can be taken multiple ways, how about in Toy Story 3 when Mr Potato Head says “Hey, nobody takes my wife’s mouth except me”

        Come on people. Get real. These shirts are genius!

    4. Lynn Keenan

      That is exactly what I thought it meant. I also thought maybe they got engaged at Disney and he gave her the “Diamond”. It’s the people that have their minds in the gutter that would have an issue with this. Also any kids that can read this would probably think it meant he gave her the trip to Disney. People are so overly sensitive these days.

  4. JR

    If your young child understands it as anything other than “Disney”, maybe your parenting should be questioned. We saw shirts similar to this on our 2019 trip. My older kids (20’s) thought they were hilarious. My younger kids didn’t understand what was so funny.

    1. Christine bajkowski


      Everyone wants to complain about something. It’s terrible. They will complain about this but not something that is dangerous…. like say driving drunk or texting while driving. I’ve seen women straight up dress like they came out of a strip club at MK with butt cheeks and everything hanging out. That was ridiculous.

      1. Sarah

        I dont need my kid to understand it to hate it, be offended by it, and to know that these people must be extremely, painfully, subhumanly moronic. It IS offensive, no question about that and it is unquestionablr intended to be so. However… that doesn’t mean Disney should ban it. They are a theme park, not a church. People should feel free to be painfully stupid in public places – at least I know who to avoid.

        1. Brenda Goodman

          I don’t understand. My mind didn’t go in the gutter or to the ban it mindset. Just Disney 🤯

        2. Manni Marco

          You’ve a mighty high horse there, Sarah. Your judgmental declarations are offensive. Though, I suppose you’re right on one thing– I know who to avoid in THIS public place.

    2. Hillary Wainwright

      Agree. I thought they were great.

    3. Aimee

      Exactly. It’s one of those things. If you understand it, you’re probably old enough for it to not be offensive or inappropriate (and if you are either of those things as an adult, get a freaking grip). This is equivalent to all of the adult jokes in Shrek. It’s over the kids’ heads.

      Personal opinion: it’s tasteless and classless but still clever and hysterical, and not bannable by any stretch. At the end of the day, it’s the letter D, not a graphic representation of sexual acts or violence, nor a hate symbol that duly incites outrage. People need to stop.

  5. Michelle

    There is absolutely NOTHING inappropriate with these shirts and if your mind went to the gutter, then you are looking to make a mountain out of a molehill.

  6. Me

    If grown ass adults would keep there minds out of the gutter the shirt wouldn’t bother people 99% of kids under about 12 have no idea that could even begin to mean so to say it’s “inappropriate” what you are really saying is that your thoughts are what is truly inappropriate not the shirt. So in fact this this a you problem not a shirt problem.

    1. Lorraine Halderman

      100% AGREE

      1. Ed

        Didn’t even notice the shirts…….I would have been offended by those “Big Scary Clownheads” they were wearing!!!!

  7. Regina

    I’ve see WAY worse at the Disney water parks! Women wearing bikinis with most of their butt or boobs showing or men wearing tight brief style swim wear in which you can see everything they have! But they don’t get kicked out.

    1. Eric M

      Good god! Women are not being kicked out of a water park for wearing bathing suits?!

      What is the world coming to?!

    2. Sue

      At least they have a shirt on that covers them. This is not the problem. The ones who come to the parks with there ass cheeks hanging out and there boobs half out of the tops those are the ones who should get kicked out. Disney is not the beach. They go in the parks with a tshirt and then once in the park they take it off, and have a little top on. It just looks trashy. That’s what should be stopped. I see it all the time we go.

      1. Dar

        Personally, at first I thought it meant she wanted the Disney castle so I gave her the Disney castle my thinking is not on the level of these millennials that everything is offensive and a way to stir up trouble. I wish they had their butts fanned when they were little learned the lords prayer in school and practiced the pledge of allegiance. But again society and all these others decided a swat on the bottom was to harsh and offensive. look at this world today it’s so screwed up it’s not funny any longer. All i can say Is god help future generations because this country especially is going down the wrong road and people will be thieving lying homeless and hungry with no morals at all.

        1. Bren

          I seriously doubt the “millenials” are the ones complaining about these shirts. They have a much better sense of humor than prudes do. And as for spanking, faithfully reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, etc. Ummm, hello, the Pledge is still recited every single day. No need to give a whooping to someone either if they aren’t misbehaving. Nope, the ones having a problem with this shirt are the ones who only care about themselves, their thoughts and feelings, their “conservative” values which are supposedly being taken from them because the “millenials” are the ones requesting to have some diversity and acknowlege there is more than one religion and race in our country. Nice try though. And as for the morals, values well seems like there is a certain side who has thrown their values and morals out the windows when they approved of the behavior of certain political party using curse words, being demeaning, making fun of others, and last but not least, not having a problem with “I grabbed her by the p*!*y”. That my dear is when this country went to hell completely. If it was okay for the pres, it’s okay for me mentality.

          1. Rob

            What a garbage human thing to say. It is always easy to blame Trump for the absolute crapshow this country started becoming LONG BEFORE Trump ever came to office.

            Why don’t you go back and look at the horrendous treatment his entire family endured for the past 5 years. Attacked mercilessly 24/7/365. but OH GOD, let them actually stand up for themselves and fight back, all hell breaks loose because someone got offended. They were not offended when the “conservative” was attacked, only when they had the audacity to actually defend themselves.

            1. Bren

              His family wouldn’t need to stand up for themselves if they hadn’t been such loud mouthed bullies. But heaven forbid someone go “against” any of those morons, and they would start the name calling and bratty behavior. Bunch of self entitled twits is what they were truthfully. I bet if you think about their behavior, and you even thought of behaving that way, your mama would have boxed your ears. And also why don’t you think about the horrendous treatment the Obama family endured from racist pieces of crap for eight years? Sorry, conservatives started this banning crap long ago, (Ex. Million Moms) now the other side is playing the game now too. Difference is the new game is trying to make sure all citizens are free to be themselves, not bow down to those who proclaim themselves to be “Christians” in name only, and wanting to make sure it’s their way of the highway. I’m sick of the one side thinking theyare the only ones in this country, and only their way is the right way. Been going on for far too long!

        2. Manni Marco

          Lol, violent crime had a massive jump the last two years…and STILL remains much lower than from 1970-1990. Property crime didn’t increase with it, and continues toward new historic lows. What was it you were saying about theft, homelessness, lying, and morals?

          Stop falling victim to false nostalgia. You weren’t AWARE of the world “back in the good ole days.” That’s the only difference. It wasn’t “better” than it is now. It was only disconnected. Hard to hide in a world of smart phones, though.

  8. Sharon

    Here I was nervous about my shirt that said “tipsy” on it for EPCOT. I think I’m good lol!

  9. Bo Fraze

    I see Disney’s D & the iconic castle, so seems to me “She wanted the Disney”, and him being an EXTREMELY generous mate (like seriously, have you seen the damn prices?) “He gave her the Disney”! I’d be more wary of the brain dead, uptight morons with no obvious sense of humor that IMMEDIATELY had their minds in the gutter! Lol
    Just be glad he didn’t give her the D+!!!

  10. Joseph Kastner

    But it is okay for those on Gay Days to wear “if you lick it, they will come” shirts

    1. Dave

      While I do agree, there is probably a double standard, I’m not sure either would be inappropriate. Like others have said, if your child knows what either of these mean, you have other problems.

    2. Glen Roebuck

      If you don’t want to see gay shirts don’t go on gay days.

      1. Mike

        How about who cares about who you sleep with and stop wearing it like a damn badge. How about that?

    3. Mike

      NOPE NOPE NOPE. Never. Jesus people it is Disneyland! Wear your stupid shirts to the bar. It’s not the place to make a statement.

  11. Eric M


  12. Tlaw

    What about “I gave her Genie +” and she wore “He gave me a Lightning Lane”?

    1. Glen Roebuck

      Seriously we should all wear t-shirts that say “at least Disney could have bought me dinner before…”

      1. Mike

        This, this is the funny shirt!!! Yess!!!

  13. Becky Wright

    I thought these were funny 🤣 get your mind’s out of the gutter!

  14. Michal

    I think it’s kind of funny that these uptight individuals think Disney is the purest place on earth when many of their animated movies have been know to include sexual innuendo’s. (Anybody see Frozen?)

    1. Disneyguy22

      Exactly what I was going to say. The same people who are complaining better stop watching Disney movies as well!

  15. JP

    Then why not one that spells it out they obviously intended the double entendre. What about when my 8 asks what’s funny about the shirt. I can say the D means Disney then she would as why is that funny. I have to lie, have a creative explanation, or tell her. It’s not a huge deal but I would prefer they wear more appropriate jokes.

    1. Disneyguy22

      Then you tell them that she wanted a Disney trip and that he gave her a Disney trip. Seriously questioning your parenting skills.

      1. Peter George

        They haven’t got any.

    2. Aimee

      “I have to lie, have a creative explanation, or tell her.” Umm, what? What happened to the “none of your business” option? We literally have a word for it. If we see anything inappropriate and my 9 yr old wants to know what’s going on all I have to say is “nunya” and she stops asking. This is because long ago I took the 5 minutes to explain to her that some things aren’t appropriate for her age and she’ll never get an explanation so she may as well not ask again. She has also noticed that I’m not a helicopter parent who keeps her in a bubble, so she trusts my assessment and this is probably why it works for us.

    3. Manni Marco

      I’m drunk at 9:00am, and still don’t see why this is a difficult question…

      “I was laughing because your mother and I have to work 3 jobs each just to afford two days here. I was laughing to keep from crying.”

      There, no weird sex talk. No lies. Parenting is EZ. Get good.

  16. Linda

    I don’t find it offensive at all get a grip ppl and grow up! It means they gave eachother the trip to Disney

  17. AragonSWB

    After a crap experience this past weekend at D’Land…this is hardly even noteworthy. More like Disneyland is giving the big D to their customers.

  18. UberChemist

    It’s a euphemism, the readers’ interpretation can mean something inappropriate. As a father of three, I have no problem with the this. She wanted the Disney and got the Disney, others dirty minds aren’t this couples’ problem.
    Tired of Needless Outrage

    1. Aimee


  19. Kd

    WTH people! Stop trying to control other people! Unbelievable! I could care less.

  20. Robert Harris

    “It’s so cold in the D”

    – T-Baby

  21. Cj Brown

    I can’t believe their T-shirts got people on Twitter in a bunch! 😂

    I’ve seen worse attire worn (aka a lack of attire) daily on the Las Vegas Strip by Adults with their Kids (even funnier? Parental Units covering their Kids 👀’s around nude statues in Las Vegas!) 😂

    Genuine Opinion – if you have that much free time to be online and roll your 👀’s at a couple wearing T-Shirts (that have no profanity, or nudity)? then you got plenty of time to get off the internet and go volunteer at a Food Bank / volunteer for Veterans Affairs \ volunteer at a Diapers Distribution / volunteer by Donating Blood (I remember when Knott’s Berry Farm used to host a Food Drive and a Toy Drive for Theme Park Admission, I wish we could bring this back to every single Theme Park).

  22. Phoebe L Ho

    My, my. I’m surprised no one split hairs about my Splash Mountain T-shirt.

    1. Mike

      Splash mountain rules!!!

    2. Manni Marco

      Well, now that you mention it…Splash Mountain is a bit graphic….


  23. Mike

    It isn’t a one time thing. I have been a annual pass holder for 10 years, this is very common. However so are butt cheeks hanging out of shorts, guys wearing shirts with the F word, I have seen it all. Not a prude, love butt cheeks and free speech, but Disneyland needs a dress code. Shirts are cool though, me and my wife even joked about getting some. But reality kicked in and we both realized it was inappropriate.

  24. Chris

    The prudes are obviously jealous someone else is getting that D fix.

  25. Jamie rademacher

    People need to stop being so sensitive over everything these shirts don’t bother me at all but then I don’t have my mind in the trash

  26. Happienies

    Where does it end? I personally found the guy’s scabbed bottom and crack I had direct view of while eating my lunch much more offensive as well as the stomach of the overweight person wearing a shirt with holes all over the place mashed into my face on the bus ride.

  27. Luis Martinez

    There is nothing wrong with those shirts. People are reading more than what it says.It just says D nothing else.

  28. Laura L Vick

    If your kid sees these shirts and thinks anything other than Disney, you are parenting wrong. I’m way more offended by women wearing shorts so short that you see their butt cheeks!

    1. Manni Marco

      I, also, am offended by a perfectly normal piece of biological flesh….The outrage! How dare our kids be aware of human anatomy! It’s not like they need to understand how human bodies work!


  29. Mike

    Some people have gutter brains… a shirt is just a shirt UNLESS it actually SAYS/SHOWS a swear word or inappropriate imagery.

  30. Brian

    I agree with the ban. Many years ago, before we lived here, we were at Epcot. There was a guy in line in back of me
    That had on a tee shirt with a swastika and the face of hitler. With the wrong around it saying: one day the world will know, hitler was right.
    We saw him again in Germany and I exploded. I called security over and they asked him to our had a Disney shirt or turn it inside out. He turned it inside out but
    You could still see the image.
    So yes, I would love them to scrutinize the store of the guest.
    And guests: if you see something, say something

  31. Kevin

    But it’s ok for 2 men to kiss in the “family” park?

    1. Jarvis

      I saw this couple. It was not at Disney world, but another park. It really isn’t appropriate or funny in public. Maybe wear it around friends.

      However, the victorianism of the US allows all forms of gory violence in public.

      I’m all for Let’s Go Brandon though. Just saying.

      No. I don’t want to see anyone kissing except a peck on the cheek. Stop spitting all over the place too.

    2. Manni Marco

      You do realize two men can…have a family, with kids and everything, yeah? Or are you one of those that thinks “being gay” is obscene for its very existence?

    3. Craig

      So gay people can’t have or be families? Got it… Homophobic much?

  32. R

    If it were two gay men, NO ONE would say a thing. This world is so backwards and effed up, I’m hoping for an asteroid at this point.

  33. Jonathan

    103 retweets and 1K+ likes isn’t viral nor is it really enough to get the attention of the House or Mouse

  34. Kevin

    Yet I have to explain to my son why 2 men are kissing in this wonderful “family” park.

    1. Kristie

      Is that hard for you to do?

    2. Kevin

      You really don’t. Kids understand that adults kiss when they’re in love. Unless you specifically brainwash your child into thinking homosexuality is abnormal, they don’t think of it that way.

      What is abnormal is that you wrote two separate, nearly identical comments about this. Straight guys don’t get this triggered about two dudes kissing – repressed gay guys do. Just admit it turned you on and get into therapy, buddy.

  35. Lisa

    The shirts are borderline. The “D” is in disney font and there are no phallic symbols on it. Just the castle. If people are so worried about it being inappropriate becauae it’s a family environment, they should worry more about the tiny booty shorts the girls wear with their checks hanging out the bottom which is eye level to a three year old kid…but that’s okay?

  36. Lisa

    The shirts are borderline. The “D” is in disney font and there are no phallic symbols on it. Just the castle. If people are so worried about it being inappropriate becauae it’s a family environment, they should worry more about the tiny booty shorts the girls wear with their checks hanging out the bottom which is eye level to a three year old kid…but that’s okay??

  37. John Barber

    I wore my LET’S GO BRANDON shirt and almost everyone I passed by commented on how much they loved my shirt. I must have heard at least 100 people shout “LET’S GO BRANDON” at me that day.

    1. Jarvis


  38. Sebastian Hale

    They don’t look inappropriate to me 😉! In fact, the only thing in Disneyland that’s inappropriate is the Disney princesses hugging, dancing, high-fiving, photo-taking and nose 👃🐽 nuzzling with little girls and boys.


    What a bunch of cry babies. Guess I can’t wear my “Most Expensive Day Ever” T-shirt either, right? Well kiss my Grits. People got nothing else to do but sit around all day thinking of things to complain about. You have your opinions and I have mine. Live with it.!!!!!

  40. Dee

    We are all entitled to our own opinions, but doesn’t mean that we all have to agree. So here is my opinion. I don’t see anything wrong with the shirt it’s actually funny it isn’t showing any inappropriate stuff like other shirts I’ve seen like mickeys hands flipping you off or Minnie Mouse twerking with her butt up in the air or even one of Minnie in a bent over position and Mickey behind her making an aggressive face.. there are worse shirts out there and for people to find this one offensive is absolutely ridiculous some kids can’t even read and have no clue what it means the shirt or couple aren’t hurting anyone I swear this generation is so damn soft and sensitive it’s mind blowing. I know it’s a family park but like if your going to complain about a shirt when I’ve seen some people be over the top with their pda that’s something to complain about not a damn harmless shirt

  41. Nick

    Nope, not at all inappropriate. Anyone looking for something to be offended by will find it everywhere and at any time.
    Relax, you’re on vacation, stop trying to run other peoples lives.

  42. Jeffrey

    It appears to me that Disney needs to have a very easy to understand policy on this and enforce it for ALL guests at all times.

  43. Lawrence Lewis

    Minds in the gutter. He gave her the Disney trip, and she wanted the Disney trip. LOL

  44. JB

    Imagine being this mentally fragile.

    1. Yes Sir

      Imagine being so cowardly that you can’t get a simple vaccine.

  45. Jarvis

    I saw this couple. It was not at Disney world, but another park. It really isn’t appropriate or funny in public. Maybe wear it around friends.

    However, the victorianism of the US allows all forms of gory violence in public.

    I’m all for Let’s Go Brandon though. Just saying.

  46. JG

    Children should not be able to tell what that shirt meansunless parents either tell them or they are raised in a home with that kind of education. People just need to care for their kids, have a good time at Disney, and get out of this whiny woke mentality.

  47. Kat

    I would like to see a ban on awkward shirts like this & also but cheeks hanging out from the bottom of shorts. Don’t @ me, it’s ALL inappropriate. 🙄

  48. John

    Yeah we should all be outraged by this and then take away all of our freedom of speech! You guys are slowly turning America into North Korea.

  49. Jenn

    The only time I’d get upset is if it interfered with the innocence a child should experience there-I would tell them D is for Disney (though it doesn’t make a ton of sense) and move on. I’ve seen more viral videos in the last year of fans actually hitting or getting physical at a Disney park which is more alarming than this shirt. (But, also wouldn’t be upset to not have to see the shirt again either…)

    1. Diznee ED

      Agreed, The shirt phrase really isn’t that bad and I’ve seen and witnessed worse. If they really meant Disney they should of used “Disney”

  50. Cindi

    I don’t get why people are flipping out over these shirts? If your mind immediately goes to something dirty or suggestive, then that’s on you. Just turn on the TV or radio and you will hear and see worse. I find it sadly ironic.

  51. Debbie Owen

    I must be naïve. I thought the “D” meant divorce. I was surprised that they were holding hands! 🤣 I’m another one that wouldn’t have gotten the joke.

  52. Antonia Cubino-Wilson

    Snowflakes.. we’ve turned into a bunch of “my feewings are huwt” snowflakes.
    Let’s just ban it all. That way, everyone can be offended at nothing at the same time.

  53. Lori

    Unless you’re thinking with a dirty mind, there is nothing wrong with these shirts! The D stands for Disney, plus the castle is right next to the D. In other words, she wanted to go to Disney, and he gave her a Disney trip! Get over yourselves, people!! You should be mad at Disney and Bob Chapek for all the greedy crap they have been doing lately by taking the “magic” away from the Disney experience instead of someone’s innocent shirts! Show those shirts to a kid an see what they say, kids don’t have dirty minds!!

    1. Stacey S

      I completely agree.

  54. Lynne M. Staley

    Not appropriate at a Disney setting. What is their point? Do we now live in a world that no one has a filter? That children are just supposed to see things that are not age appropriate?
    Stay out and don’t come back.

    1. M

      More noteworthy, Bob Chapek has given us all the D. Where are the posts about that?

  55. T

    How many kids are thinking anything bad? It’s only a population of adults and adolescents. Some people are just wired that way. If you have to think naughty about everything and can’t control yourself, don’t out yourself as a perv and spread hate to get rid of things things that can be taken anyway. It’s not everyone’s fault you think naughty. Not everyone thinks this way and not our fault you think this way. Get over yourself and don’t be dirty!!

  56. May

    “I gave her the D” means the guy gave the girl a Disney vacation.
    “I wanted the D” means the girl wanted the Disney vacation.

    Similar shirts I’ve seen: “Wife wanted to go to Disney World. So I’m going to Disney World.” There are many others saying the similar things: girl wants Disney, guy provides Disney.

  57. Gina

    This is crazy. People are way to sensitive. I have raised three children who now have families of their own and all of us think that times are worse than in the 60’s. Mind your own business and you will be happier. When children ask what the shirts mean you should ask the child what do they thinks it means. If you have done a good job your child will give you the Disney answer if not you might want to look at you parenting skills.

  58. May

    It’s fine

    1. It’s a bunch of Karen’s and kens trying to ruin everyone elses fun. Like usual. They need the D more than anyone lmao.

  59. Doug

    We need to remove the word “banned”
    From our collective vocabulary you people need to lighten up and stop trying to ban everything that you think it’s offensive frankly I’m offended that you’re offended

  60. Mary Soria

    Well if these shirts are inappropriate, than what about the girls that go in with shorts showing half of their butts, small bikini tops and pants that are ripped way to much?

  61. LB

    I hate these shirts. They should ban all drinking around the world shirts too, esp one that show characters drunk!

  62. Joe

    This is ridiculous, trying to censor what people wear now? Get used to it. These people aren’t hurting anyone and it’s freedom.

  63. Jose

    I find it HILARIOUS that folks are griping over the innuendo from these shirts but COME ON REALLY have you LISTENED to how many adults jokes and innuendo are in Disney-Pixar movies?!?!?!?! That’s crazy, to have no problem having children watch and listen to what’s in the movies yet freak out over a shirt that most 12yr olds and younger wouldn’t understand without explanation. Kids 13 and over are teens and odds are they say worse around friends or when ever they aren’t around parents. Wow, I have 4 kids and would STILL rock that shirt. Some people so extremely touchy and sensitive these years but they’ll want to come across at forward think and woke, no no I don’t believe so.

    1. I agree with Jose and Alex. 💯 Percent

  64. Alex

    Wow, yall are crazy, I have seen many shirts like this over the past few years at disney and it dosnt offend anyone. This is nothing new. I would honestly wonder what there reaction would be like when they go to Gay Day at Blizzard Beach. Seriously though, we announce those days far in advance so if your planning your trip and are offended by men in speedos or for our out there shirts at MK you can plan for a week later or before or something. For the shirt: grow up, they are trying to have fun in there own way as much as you are. In the US we have freedom of speech just as much as you wrote your post and I’m writing this argument. If your worried about your children well surprise they ether see it as two ways: A: as disney for the D or B: they understand exactly what the joke means but because of the generation they are being raised in that doesn’t bother them the least. Worst case scenario: why don’t you ask your kids and see if it offends them! Stop speaking for a voice that has never spoken.

  65. People really need to get over it. It’s not that major of a deal. There are so so many more vital things to worry about. All these easily and overly offended ppl get on my nerves quite honestly. People are allowed to dress themselves how they see fit. Not how others see fit smh. This is still the good ol USA isn’t it? I think the tshirts are tacky and I would never choose to wear them. But that’s me. I can easily not look nor is it going to traumatize any child, good grief.

  66. Brian

    The shirts themselves have nothing offensive on them at all. It’s what people are interpreting in their minds. So, isn’t it the people interpreting as offensive that should be banned from the park?

    1. Jeremiah McKenna


  67. Jeremiah McKenna

    We were at Walt Disney World last week for out anniversary. There were many of ppl wearing these exact shirts. Not a problem for people that don’t have a stick up theor butts. But those with thin skin that often run to their “safe space,” yet run around Disney on Gay Day, half naked and making lude gestures all day have zero problems with that. Get over yourself, you’re really not all that interesting.

    1. Mario

      Good point, I’ve seen chicks walking around with their butts hanging out. Not complaining, just saying.

  68. Mario

    Doesn’t the D stand for Disney in this context?

    1. Exactly.
      One has to make it dirty.
      So theyre basically asking that a shirt be banned because it reminds them of something they find offensive.

  69. Yourshirtsucks

    How about we ban the “most expensive day ever” shirts and the mouth breathing, neckbeards who don’t understand irony wearing them?

  70. Sherry

    What about the women who only wear Barletts to the park? In case some of you don’t know what that is, it is lacey bra. I am a former Security Officer at the resort. I found that inappropriate and tacky, but because it is a resort we weren’t allowed to say anything. Those shirts might mean what people say it means, but how many kids are going to get that?

  71. Colleen

    People need to get over it. It’s a freaking shirt. Pay attention to yourself and don’t worry about others.

  72. Lisa M Scott

    I see worse things like women wearing shorts with their cheeks hanging out. Boob’s flopping out and very inappropriate outfits. It’s hard to not notice. This is a Family park, they need to enforce this crap.

  73. Is there an adult phrase here, yes. But its the dirty phrase that’s being subverted here:

    That D is emblematic of Disney… So the correct reading is he gave her the Disney; and hers is that she wanted the Disney.

    That message is fine. A child who read that would have no reason to think anything was weird unless the adults with them bring up the dirty reading.

    If you can’t see past the dirty meaninig, that’s in your own head and get over it.

    It’s as absurd as suggesting bringing children anywhere is vulgar because it says sex was had at the point of conception.

    Yes that connection is accurate, but only a jerk or perv insists on seeing that set of inputs that way.

    Adults need to just chill out and be kids for a day when they go to the park: kids dont give two hoots what other guests are doing. They just go to have fun.

  74. Don

    All I saw was “I gave her the ‘D'” with the D being in Disney script and I took that to mean Disneyland. So. if you saw anything else that is on you.

  75. Jenny

    How about mind your own business. Kids have no idea what these shirts are referencing. Stop trying to make mountains out of mole hills. People do cringey things. Welcome to the world.

  76. Chrid

    I just saw an older couple (older as in grandparents) wearing similar shirts just a few days ago at Disney World.

  77. Mike Callard

    Great shirt. When did we become so uptight about everything. Relax take a breath the world is still spinning. Peace and much Luv to Everyone


    Just because YOUR mind goes somewhere in appropriate, it doesn’t for children or most adults until pointed out so why should they be banned? Just to keep YOUR mind from the gutters? It’s just how your mind works, banning shirts won’t fix that!!!

  79. I think it’s the way the person mind reads things some right away think the inappropriate things others will think regular but I would say that the girl is what people’s right away it was wrong because of the way it’s written.
    I hope you all understand what I trying to say

  80. Reality check

    Just shut your crazy asses up – Psycho disney freaks trying to control other people – we all know these type – crazy disney obsessed weirdos that are completely out of touch with reality – Disney isn’t going to pander to these idiots

  81. Anderson

    There’s nothing bad with these photos. People just try to make something bad out of everything. I gave her Disney’s not Ronchi

  82. Jodee

    “Family friendly”? Give me a break! Have you been to Epcot anytime after noon and listened to the drunk park goers? I’ve heard more F bombs in the presence of children in Epcot than most other vacation spots.

  83. if someone needs this shirt, he can find it on Redbubble.

  84. Ciera

    Oh grow up people.

  85. Sarah

    This is 100%, those who are saying it’s not are the ones contributing and unaware of what children absorb. Yes. This park is for everyone, however there needs to be a level of respect towards other patrons. I was at Disney I September, saw a couple wearing these exact shirts and was shocked disney staff allowed that. Yet asks girls to cover up if their backs are showing?! Where is the reasoning? I saw shirts with naked women on then, inappropriate un subtle inuendoes. And men sagging their pants to their knees, more butt cheeks than I needed to see, and girls literally wearing just bras…

    All I’m saying is there needs to be consistency in dress code violations at disney or an official dress code, and some sort of standard of appearance. I pay less to get into a night club, and they would turn away these people without batting an eye.

    Disney, create a code of conduct, that includes a dress code!!!

  86. Roberta

    Big Deal! My goodness!

  87. Stacey S

    Who cares. I’m tired of the cancel culture wanting to “ban” everything that “offends” them, or “hurts their feelings” … I know what that phrase usually stands for but in this instance if you look at it they use the Disney “D”, and there is a castle sitting right next to it. Which to made think in this instance “I gave her the D” meant a trip to Disney. …I’m with the other commenter, the things they wear during pride month are FAR MORE Offensive and inappropriate for a family theme park…

  88. Abe

    Am I missing something here? I don’t get the controversy.

  89. Really, it has the stylized D on like Disney uses. If people are so offended by this what’s next? I’ve often worn a pro 2nd amendment T-shirt to Disney world and Disneyland, as well as shirts with american flags on them. If I’m hurting somebody’s feelings are they going to come after my 2nd amendment T-shirt or the American Flag T-shirt next People grow up and get over yourselves.

  90. Craig

    This isn’t a one off. I was in Disneyland Oct 2nd – 6th and I saw at least dozen different couples wearing it. It doesn’t offend me, but it’s tacky and trashy. You can say it’s not sexualized, but come on, it’s pretty damn obvious what they mean. I figured it out in less than a second. I’m not easily off, and this doesn’t offend me, but time and place…

  91. Craig

    The sheer amount of homophobic posts on this thread is nauseating. And the fact that admins haven’t bothered to clean them up speaks volumes. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  92. SitandSpin

    By raising prices yet again, dropping fast pass, and adding new greed schemes to actually ride popular rides – Disney gave us the D.

    We didn’t ask for the D.

  93. Alisha

    This t-shirt is the worst dad joke in the world, and ppl are getting offended?? Yes, there’s innuendo, but it’s also making fun of innuendos. My children would not have a clue what the sexual connotation of this meant. This doesn’t offend me, I rolled my eyes and thought it was stupid, but I wasn’t offended. People get offended by things that shouldn’t, and then things that truly are offensive and disgusting never bat an eye!

  94. We were in Disney World mid October 2021. While waiting to go in the Safari ride there was a young lady with shorts so short it looked like a thong. Her butt cheeks were entirely visible. So not only crazy t shirts should be banned but inappropriate attire. This was over the top inappropriate. A little cheek peek is uncomfortable to see but at least most is covered.

  95. Dennis

    If this were two men and the shirts were red, there would be no outcry. With that said, I’m not a fan of the messaging in this case. However, similar massaging can occur on certain celebrated days at Disney parks where those celebrating where red shirts, are of the same sex and express PDA’s all day long in front of my kids. I have no issues with what people do in their bedroom but when you make it public in an “alleged” family oriented theme park. But when you do it in front of my kids, then I have a problem with it. There is absolutely a double standard at Disney parks. Sad, very sad.

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