Comments for Iger Leaves Advice For Disney CEO Bob Chapek: Warns Him to Stay Creative, Not Data-Driven

bob iger (left) and bob chapek (right) in front of millennium falcon galaxy's edge

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  1. Brooke

    Too late. He’s budget and data driven. I’ll miss Iger, he was a phenomenal CEO at Disney.

    1. CT

      Agree 100%. Chapek is a disaster.

  2. Sharon Plemons

    Whether Iger or Chapek, the head of Disney is making everything less enjoyable! I have loved WDW for years, and it’s just so disappointing to see it so terribly managed right now!

  3. John

    I believe Chapek is ruining Disney. It’s over-priced and too expensive to go. The magic is clearly fading away.

    1. Missy

      The parks are losing their magic… Charging for everything… Taking away special touches… Forgetting to keep it a family first park… Catering to the wealthy… Losing it magic 😟😟

  4. Jen

    Whoever is spearheading WDW/theme parks now is jacking the whole thing up. Reservations suck. Getting rid of fast pass and charging now. Raising all prices when they were already very high. Telling Passholders essentially, “You’re not important.” Even down to the way the treat cast members in their parks (I have friends who work there). I definitely miss the days of Iger.

    1. Gary M Prophet

      Chapek is definitely taking the company.in the wrong direction. Thisngs that were included in the price of your vacation are all now additional expenses. The whole Scarlett Johansson lawsuit was a result of one of his decisions.

      Time for him to go.

  5. Manny

    Iger is still in charge. It is funny to see the merchandizing guy giving advice to the bean counter. Stock holder equity is priority number one, till that changes and America decides enough it will still be pretty much the same.

    1. Donna

      I have been a long time super fan of Disney but am also a substantial stockholder. These changes are not good for either, taking the enjoyment out and adding substantially to cost and having to do all planning last minute are extremely annoying and sucks the fun right out of visiting. On the shareholder side it’s not good because the profits are likely to suffer when so many long time Disney fans leave from all these money only motivated changes. Board needs to hunt for better ceo and understands what Disney fans really want and keep them coming over and over.

      1. JW


    2. Jd

      Disney is in decline. The parks prices go up and benefits go down. The rides are constantly broken down and all the new reservation systems are overly complicated. The company is no longer walts dream of providing a family friendly experience all families can afford.
      They must be getting desperate as I got a flier offering me thousands off a Disney vacation club membership. These used to sell themselves.
      I’m done with them and wish others would stop going there and supporting them. You can’t keep going and expect things to change. As long as people pay they will continue to pull more and more junk on their customers…notice I didn’t say “guests”. Guests are treated with respect.

  6. ChadMC

    I’ve had an annual pass for well over 20 years continuously and let it expire last year for the first time ever. That whole ‘reservation’ system was put in place to punish annual passholders who ‘go for free’ as the CEO sees it. Those passholders are the only ones who actually wanted to go during the worst of times last year. Yet there was never an opportunity. Now the doubling of the price yet still very limited ability to go whenever one wishes to makes the annual pass very limited in value.

    Now, considering it’s a couple of hundred per day to go, I have to look at the value received. And it’s not that great. I MUST stay buried in my phone all day long (can’t even dine without being buried in the phone all day long). The additional pay extra per day for the ability to pay per ride. What a gimmick! Pay extra for the opportunity to pay even more per ride.

    As for the reliability – even this site reports daily breakdowns. Maintenance may be lacking. As for the new shows – disconnected, uninspired, no story told, no mention of anything historical.

    At one point you could enter the world of Disney and for a while at least, disconnect from the outside world and escape into a Magic Kingdom that was filled with magic. I miss that place.

  7. Christopher B

    “Kevin Feige has come to the defense of Chapek, believing he is more creative than others give him credit for. Feige said, “I think he is a creative guy, a nice guy, a real guy,” which he got to see when Disney California Adventure replaced Tower of Terror attraction with the Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout!, as Chapek was a prominent proponent of the change.” If Bob Chapek never wanted that ride switch then Kevin Feige would have thought the opposite about Chapek.

  8. Holly

    How can you disconnect from the outside world when you are required to constantly use your phone to reserve food, rides etc to do anything ?!? This is not my kind of a vacation. And to pay $12 for a hot dog, $9 for a churro, $5 for a banana? As a passholder we are over it. Moving on. Disney has lost touch with its audience (family fun). Making reservations for rides while you are there to pick up food?! And to get in a que? Gonna have to say I don’t feel this is the Disney of yesteryear. Look at how disengaged everyone is.

  9. Mickeymouse3

    I was never a fan of Bob Iger. But at least he understood a decent balance of customer value and stockholder profits. Bob Paycheck appears to be interested only in the latter.

    1. Jd

      Bob paycheck. Hilarious

  10. yoyo

    Greedy man Chapek doesn’t have one creative idea in his money hungry, magic ruining bald head. Wish Iger was staying. To last now. Chapek has no idea how to keep fans happy and visiting. Sad times for Disney

  11. Kathleen Atwood


  12. Sue

    Let’s all get something straight. Bob Iger is still in charge and is running the show. He is driving alot of what is going on with the so called “pandemic” it was Bob Iger who first introduced masks. And, unfortunately Bob Iger is the driving push behind Orange County, Florida for mandating an unconstitutional push for vaccines. Bob Chapek is either taking orders from Iger or they are in it together.

  13. Both either didn’t/ or continue to NOT listen to Fans (star wars mostly) and since paying for All the rights of everything “Star Wars” including merch, which it made Billions for Lucas I don’t see why Disney has Ignored the pockebook of fans by not making merchandise for Us after we continue to ask for it. Withnout Action figures and all the toys the Lucas Empire doesn’t exist.Chapek NEEDS talk to Hasbero and get this fixed.

  14. Suzanne Cassidy

    He already has ruined it with his price gouging and pandering to the $250k plus crowd. Very disappointing

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