Comments for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Replacement May Return to the MCU Next Year

Hudson Thames in a swimming pool (left), Spider-Man (middle), Tom Holland with arms crossed (right)

Credit: Hudson Thames Instagram (left)/Marvel (middle)/Tom Holland Instagram (right)


  1. Caden

    No, Tom Holland should stay and be spidy he fits being peter parker he is batter then they other dude.

  2. Caden

    And Tom Holland is the reason i wanted to become an actor ever scene I saw his first spiderman movie I knew I wanted to be just like him its hard to explain writing it down

  3. Caden

    I know im only a 13 year old boy nobody nose but i hope that one day i could be the actor for spiderman and meet Tom Holland that would be my dream.

    1. Al

      They gotta stop doing this to spiderman my god. Just let ONE actor finish off the character’s story, just like all the other superhero characters.

  4. Caden

    I have know idea how to make it out there like Tom did and become a actor but i know that im not going to give up and i hope i can meet Tom and talk to him so he could give me some tips

  5. Caden

    and one more thing if any body nose or has a idea of how i could become a actor or meet tom plzz plzzz tell me i wish i could explain to evry one how i feel but proably no one will find these messages

  6. Caden

    I want to be just like Tom holland so much that I want to school even told my friends that I was born in London lol which is not true but I did it anyways I’ve always wanted to be like Tom ever since I’ve seen his movies I wanted to be an actor I just don’t know what your start.

    1. Phawksphire

      Lol Wtf is wrong with you? You want to be like Tom that you lied that you were from London? I think you would have a possible chance of being a better actor than Tom Holland if you work hard and believe in yourself just a bit. You’re focused on being another person instead of putting energy in discovering who you are as a person. I hope to see you on tv some day. Not some carbon copy of Tom Holland. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to look up to actors. But don’t turn them into some Godlike figure.

  7. Caden

    if anybody reads these comments please let me know and let me know how to become an actor I really want to know how and I really need help to get me started as I get older.

  8. Caden

    it would be funny as Tom Holland actually responded to these lol but not just somebody that responded and made their name Tom Holland I mean I wouldn’t have to know it would be him

  9. Caden

    i meant it would be funny if not as and at the bottom i meant would not wouldn’t

  10. Caden

    phawksphire bro I dont want to be exactly like him yes I went to school and told people that I was born in london but I was a little kid when I said that and thanks for the respect and I do work hard and I do believe in my self and i been putting energy in myself because you don’t know wtf i been threw

  11. Caden

    Tom is just someone i look up to

  12. Caden

    yeah your write going-over what i said does sound like i want to be a copy of him but no i dont i just want to be a actor like him

  13. Caden

    lets just start over and pretend those message were not tnere ok.

  14. Caden

    Tom Holland is the reason i wanted to become an actor ever scene i saw his first spiderman movie i wanted to be a great actor just like him a actor not a blind copy of him i just want to be a great actor like him

  15. Caden

    And yes i hope oneday i can be the actor for spiderman and yes i want to meet Tom because who dosent want to meet the person they look up to

  16. Caden

    and i dont know how to make it out there like Tom did but i know i want give up and im always going to keep trying and i do hope i can meet tom so he could give me some tips and tell me how he made it

  17. Caden

    I always love spiderman but I didn’t always want to be a actor for spiderman intil i saw spiderman homecoming

  18. lex

    yeah phawksphire dude why you gotta be such a hater Caden just wants to follow his dream i bet you got someone you look up to and want to be like.

  19. lex

    so back off bro phawksphire nobody likes haters.

    1. The Truth

      He’s not a hater you idiot, I bet you didn’t even read his whole comment. He’s completely right how Caden is a so obsessed with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, that he even lied where he’s born. I like so much how he told Caden that he should find who he is, and not become an exact copy of Tom Holland. Everything was looking great until your idiotic ass came along and ruined it all by calling Phawksphire a “hater” when if you did read the whole message (which I bet your lazy ass you didn’t), he was not hating at all. So stfu

  20. Jdjfjf

    He’s not being replaced you f**king idiots

  21. frank

    Can you stop calling them replacements. They’re voice actors is this “replacement” in no way home? No its Tom Holland. Knock it off

  22. Caden

    yo the truth bro why you gotta be so rude i dont want to be a exact copy of tom if you read what i said, i said i want to be a great actor like tom

  23. Caden

    yes, thank you lex i just want to be a good actor like tom is and the truth im saying for the last time im not obsessed with tom

  24. Caden

    and when i lied where i from i said i was just a little kid come on i was like 7

  25. unknown??

    “The Truth” yeah like Caden and lex are saying you don’t got to be so rude, you idiot and I bet you didn’t even read Cadens comments and they’re completely right about you being stupid and ignorant and Caden doesn’t want to become a exact copy of he just wants to become a good actor like him why can’t you understand something so simple?

  26. Caden

    Thank you, unknown?? you’re completely right.

  27. Caden

    Thank you unknown?? and lex.

  28. Caden

    “The Truth” You to probably have someone you look up to

  29. Caden

    if not then you’re a loser

  30. Caden

    I’m not trying to be rude or anything but i’m tired of all this trash talk

  31. Caden

    don’t get me wrong I’m a nice guy I’m just tired of it

  32. Caden

    I just came here to share with everyone and tell everyone I wanted to be a great actor like Tom and y’all have to come at me and say all the stuff

  33. Caden

    so let’s just end all this all right I know some of yall probably won’t but I can’t help that so I guess that’s, that.

  34. Caden

    And when I do become an actor because I’m confident that I will I’m always going to stick with it and give it my best shot never give up and try my hardest

  35. Bakaiser

    If you want to be an actor go do some theater, build your experience and socialise with peers. Saying about how much you want to be like someone you look up to online won’t do jack.

  36. Caden

    Bakaiser thanks for the advice that’s what I’ve been looking for and I’m not just a guy that sits online and tells people this this is the first time I’ve ever told anybody online

  37. Caden

    And thanks for your opinion but for real I don’t see it online and tell people who I look up to this is the first time and the only reason I did this is so I can get some information and how I could become an actor as I get older and you just gave me some advice so thank you and I have been thinking about doing theater

  38. Caden


  39. lex

    “The Truth” the fu*ck kinnda name that is huh stop calling me out on all that bullsh*t you gotta say nobody cares, and caden is just trying to follow his dream he just said something to let people know and some a** people like you had to come along and say some bullsh*t and I bet you’re lazy a** didn’t read all of Caden’s messages because he said several times he didn’t want to be an exact copy of him you idiot

  40. john

    yeah Caden lex and unknown are all right Caden is just trying to follow his dream cant you back off you little s***

  41. legend

    exactly everybody leave caden alone especially you The Truth lol lex write what name is that haha

  42. HOLLAND the 2

    no I want to be exactly like Tom Holland I mean exactly I don’t care what y’all have to say I also went to school and told everybody that I’m British and that I was born in London I love Tom Holland and I want to be exactly like him I want to be an actor and I want to be everything I want to have hair like him I want to be his same height and I want to dress like him

  43. HOLLAND the 2

    SO MATE what you got to say to me hater what are you going to say come on huh? exactly losers that’s what I thought y’all Americans that’s why I’m British come o mate

  44. Slev

    Man who let all the 14 year olds to the computer?

    1. Jay

      不不不不不 FACTS

  45. HOLLAND the 2

    im a exact replica of tom

  46. HOLLAND the 2

    slev how old r u huh exactly

  47. Matthew

    I’m glad that “what if” is over as my feed wont be inundated with fake “so and so has been replaced” stories like this one.

  48. Stop Lying

    Stop it, stop it and stop it?! How many more times? Its not a replacement, its someone trained to do VO work, while tom either doesn’t want to do, doesn’t have the time or just cba with.


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