Comments for Guests Debate If Disney Park Experience Is Ruined By Cellphone Use


Credit: Disney


  1. Fred,
    If you want to leave your phone on your safe and enjoy your loved ones, you should be able to enjoy the LACK of Magic since Chapek has taken over. Really 16000-20000 a trip! NOT!

    1. R

      Agreed! I don’t go on vacation to be staring at my phone more than I do at work. We are not all 16 years girls on Instagram, tikrok, or other ridiculous apps. Let’s get real and enjoy the experience, rides, attractions and each other not head down glued to a screen. Between prices, lack of safety, breakdowns, endless construction/refurbishment, lunatic visitors its hard enough to enjoy yourself. Ditch the phones, passes, etc. Permanently.

  2. Suegee0

    Disney needs to have cell phone charging stations
    throughout the parks, Disney Springs, and resorts if we are to be so reliant on our phones while we’re there.


    I believe they need to figure out a new plan…. im 33 and I hated the fact I had to Rely on my phone for everything… booking rides, setting reservations, ordering food….. at one time I got moisture in my charging port ( the whole rest of the week could have been disastress….. I do not like relying on the app

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