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Line to enter emporium on disney world 50th

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  1. Joeybats

    Everyday I lose more and more of my faith in humanity. Yelling, screaming and fighting over some plastic tchotchke. Losers.

    1. Sue

      Crazy. People acting like wild animals over Disney crap. But disney doesn’t care they are making money off stuff made in China that cost 2.00 to make if that and selling it for 50 and then that’s people buy it and sell in on eBay for 100. All disney crap is made in China.

  2. Brooke

    This trend of trashy behavior, screaming, shoving, and just overall lack of decency and decorum has got to stop. I blame social media where people post horrible comments, say horrible things to each other because they’re hiding behind their phone. We’ve lost all respect for each other. Disney needs to get these people in a line, and they can shop one at a time if they have to – with limits on the number of items they can buy – 2 per guest. And they need to get Disney Security there as well. Just disgraceful. The poor Cast Members who have to put up with this crap.

    1. And they need to be removed from the parks forever. No excuse to act like that, and I think one per customer.

    2. Koz

      Exactly. They should limit it to household on some items if they could. I’ve seen people with kids, some even under the age of ten, in line with them buying even more of the same item.

      Plus this is in the park, this isn’t World of Disney. How many of those people are AP and just there for ebay? How many are posting sales photos they took moments before showing the item on the damn shelf.

      It’s ridiculous what they’re letting people get away with. I know it’s hard to limit some things but really… it’s gotten too out of hand now.

      There should be at least one supervisor in a smallish area by the register at ALL times to reinforce the item number limit so the cast members don’t feel like the guest is about to jump them if they have to tell them no. They should be doing it either way but I know how crazy these people are and I feel that having someone who’s got their back to shut down the whining during purchases would probably help.

      1. M. Schindler

        Yes cuz then they scalp the stuff on ebay…so sick of all of this. And maybe get Orange Co officers there to settle things down…not fair to Cast members…no one will listen to them. Jeez…Walt would be horrified.

  3. Joeybats

    I’m thinking that changing the rule from 2 items per customer to just 1 per customer would be for the best. I guarantee you that a ton of those goblins picking fights over merch are planning on selling it online for 5 times what they bought it for.

    1. Roberta

      They already are. Within minutes there were posts on eBay, postmark, Etsy…

    2. Koz

      Plus they’re there with their AP discount, no doubt.

  4. That was terrifying. You can even hear a child screaming in the background. I feel so sorry for the employees. Seriously, it is ridiculous for adults to act like this. They should be escorted out and not allowed back ever if they do not know how to shop respectfully and be considerate.

    1. Mary Beth Davis

      I was in the park by 7:30 and it was horrible. Long lines for all the merch, popcorn buckets etc. the ride lines were short so that was great but I didn’t even get to see the day of merch. I’m so disappointed with how it was handled. Then after waiting on my mobile order for an hour and a half I canceled it. The food lines were insane. We waited in line for the Emporium and it was all the same 50th day stuff they had out 2 days prior.

  5. Dee

    Shameful! There are plenty of people who act decent. So Disney needs to start escorting the unruly morons out of the parks. Start showing there are consequences for this behavior! No money is worse this abusive behavior. Poor cast members.

    1. Janet H

      totally agree with that. Kick the few idiots out.

  6. Janet H

    I was in the Emporium from 7:00 -7:30 and all of the customers I saw were well behaved and cordial. Stepped aside so people could get to registers, helped others grab items, thanked the cast members for working today. Sorry that an ignorant few gave the morning a bad name. Other than the crowding in the store there really were no issues when I was inside.
    The idiots who were fighting were probably the ones wanting to sell on Ebay. The majority of the guests were buying to commemorate the day and not make a profit. Have a magical rest of your day.

  7. Kelly

    Don’t forget about the smashed pennies and 50th anniversary medallions

  8. Todd Schuler

    Virtual hell! Sign up for the virtual queue only to have disappear into virtual reality. Place a mobile food order for a time window and no food for three hours.
    Virtual reality attractions Disney does well. They have a long, long way to go before they have Virtual Queues and ordering mastered. The Virtual Shopping queue was full by 6AM. This IS NOT a Disney Win!

  9. There needs to be a map handed out when you enter the park with locations highlighted and what merchandise can be purchased at each location

    1. M

      Merchandise Leadership makes decisions on a whim and maps take months to approve, develop, etc.

  10. Bon

    Limit items. One per customer. Technology and greed are to blame. Along with upbringing and entitlement. Free country I can do what I want attitude. Ugh….so sad. My son is there and said there was no problem getting on rides yesterday.

    1. Zhilll

      Disney created this mess by offering “limited edition” merchandise. Such marketing tactics only benefit scalpers who seek to profit by reselling on eBay for triple the price. Guests looking to add to their collection or to get a souvenir lose out. Disney absolutely needs to limit the amount of merchandise to purchase and kick out anyone who acts inappropriately.

      1. Allison

        The resellers are the ones who really burn me up!

  11. May

    “tense and anxious shoppers clashed inside over drink cups and tumblers, causing angry shouts, snatching cups, and broken shelves” Wow, I’ve never seen that in MK. Not even when it’s crowded. Not to self: never go to the parks on the first day of an anniversary.

  12. Allison

    I’m also sick of people buying all the season merch to turn around and flip online for a higher price. People who actually want the stuff but can’t go to the parks depend on being able to purchase the merch online. But the resellers are killing out chances of getting what we want. The Hocus Pocus spirit jersey sold out in no time. Yet there are tons posted on reseller sites/apps for $25+ more than the Disney pricing.

    1. tvnutt

      eBay, Etsy, etc should ban the sale of these items as copyright infringement. Then these seller yahoos wouldn’t pull.thid crap!

  13. yensidw

    So glad I never fell into the trap of buying this merchandise. Like someone else said, made in China for $2 and questionable quality. Happy though for people who went to get on the rides with minimal wait time.

  14. DisneyFan

    Want to see something infuriating? Check out Pixie Purchases with April and she even has a web site. She HIRED a crew of people to spread out and snatch up as much merchandise as possible and is selling it at a serious profit. And surely used annual pass discounts to purchase (against AP contract). We have been annual passholders for years. My husband was at Disney in 71 and wall we really wanted “day of” merchandise. We arrived at 7:30am never got nto the queue and gave up. These shoppers/resellers and there are a LOT of them, need to be stopped. Disney needs to step in and people need to stop buying from them.

  15. Brenda M

    I find it very sad. Personally I have no interest in any of the anniversary product as the designs are extremely ugly and the items offered kind of blah, but even if I liked it I would not behave this way. I blame partly the pandemic isolation…people have forgotten how to interact in person. My husband and I have a trip to Disneyworld planned and we are hoping that by the time we go things will have died down some.

  16. Cary

    All the focus and hate on resellers.
    Not Disney’s subpar merch and lack of fair wages in product manufacturing.
    Etsy has better quality disney inspired items.
    Spend your money there.
    Also I get better price mickey ears on ebay so not all disney stuff is jacked up prices on there

  17. Chia

    They need to start scanning tickets when a purchase is made. Not just 50th stuff.. stuff like popcorn buckets.. I see guest go ok 2 per… then they walk to the next stand.. “ok 2” and so on… they brag about it in line to other guests and that’s not even factoring California Adventure (in my story). It’s all a joke.

    1. Asia

      I was asking a cast member about where to get the Mickey popcorn bucket and I saw a group with like 4 a piece and when she said they were sold out they smirked at me. They’re lucky it was Friday and I wouldn’t be able to post bail until Monday.

  18. SG

    A lot of 50th Anniversary stuff was on sale before October 1st and NO ONE way gorging on it. Why people?

  19. christy

    Does anyone have the video link?

  20. Asia

    Not everyone can just up and go to Disney World though. I can’t. I specifically came to get first day merch. It’s unfair that everything good was sold out before noon . Covid is not an excuse. Stuff should have been in production at least 2 years ago.

  21. jo

    Its the way most people are now. They would rather curse you than to calmly work it out. Those silly overpriced mugs can be bought all over the 4 parks and Downtown Disney. Still if you watch people. The majority would rather fight than communicate.

  22. LouiB

    Luckily I didn’t see any bad behavior. I went to the Emporium the afternoon before the birthday to get regular 50th merchandise and when I went to the circus tent for dated day of merchandise the virtual line was temporarily closed so came back at about 7pm and waited 30 minutes to get in . Day of Annual Passholder pin was sold out but found tons of them the next day at the new store at Epcot. My thinking is the main problem was having only 2 small areas where this stuff could be found. Might be this was caused by lack of merchandise with so much stuff coming from Asia and the port of LA and Long Beach, the 2 largest ports in the US and the main entry point for stuff coming from China having over 60 cargo ships anchored offshore and waiting to unload.

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