Comments for Several Injured After Escalator Turns into Real “Tower of Terror”

escalator tower of terror

Credit: Disney (left) ABC (right)


  1. Jean

    1. This has nothing to do with Disney World.
    2. Your sentence structure leaves one thinking that you’re thankful many people were injured

    1. Anon

      Ha, I had all the exact same thoughts. Especially about sentence structure.

    2. Marc Goodfellow

      I had to read that “sentence” 3 timed.

  2. Jason

    Umm, the grinding of the metal steps on people at the bottom of the pile scares me WAY more than the escalator rolling backward uncontrollably.

    1. Crystal Gail Wilson

      This story is very misleading and has nothing to do with Disney’s ride.
      Injury event also was was on an escalator, not an elevator…these are very different.

  3. Chris

    “We hope you enjoyed your ride on The Mangler.”

    1. Claire

      This has absolutely nothing to do with Disney

  4. Matt

    This was a really misleading article and made it seem like something happened at Tower of Terror. Is this even related to WDW besides the reference to Tower of Terror?

    1. Joe

      My thoughts exactly!

    2. Crystal

      Agreed. Very misleading

  5. Jim

    Intentionally or not, this article is very shoddily presented. Why attempt to implicate Walt Disney World by connecting this incident to Tower of Terror? You’ve placed a photo of the attraction at the top of the article and even filed it under Walt Disney World!
    Then the article oddly comments that there were “thankfully” 40 people on the escalator and refers to nine injured people as a “tragedy”. Is it the editor’s day off?

    1. Jim

      An edit: the article states that “thankfully” there were severe injuries. Even worse!

  6. Jim

    Very misleading and not at all relevant for this site. Please consider removing this post.

  7. Emma McQuillen

    Yeh sorry Disney wouldnt appreciate the bad press when they are not even linked

  8. Carlos Santos

    My words exactly.

  9. Mark Kaplan

    My heart goes out to those injured in Boston, but this isn’t Disney related story.

  10. Anon

    I think I’m finally done following this newly trashy news site. It used to have something to do with real Disney news, OF WHICH THERE IS PLENTY, so I think I am going to stick to MiceChat. It’s like whoever owned this outlet gave up and sold it to a bunch of folks who moonlighted at CollegeHumor or Cracked. They’re all failing and this is really sad to see this spiral downward for ITM.

  11. RK

    Didn’t happen at WDW and the author might be confused about the difference between an escalator and an elevator (Tower of Terror is an elevator – the accident happened on an escalator in BOSTON)

  12. Sharon

    A. This happened in Boston, not WDW
    B. TofT is an elevator, not an escalator
    C. Who writes this crap?

  13. Dirt

    Take down this article it’s misleading and horrible to read go back to school and learn how to function as a human, thanks!

  14. Don’t want you to have my name

    I would strongly urge you to delete this post immediately. I am considering removing my support/ following of ITM as this is incredibly misleading and has nothing to do with Disney

  15. Nope

    Please remove this article immediately. This has absolutely nothing to do with WDW and you are being irresponsible by posting this here.

  16. Michael

    This site needs to be shut down. Their articles are misleading, poorly written and just in bad taste. This article has nothing to do with Disney. Enough already.

    1. John Abraham

      Seriously. I wonder if the author is actually “thankful” that people were seriously injured since that supposed typo hasn’t been corrected after an entire day.

      One more article away from blocking this site from my Google feed.

  17. Benji

    Man, you really gonna wait for the Disney legal team to get involved? This article is crap, save yourself the trouble and get rid of it.

  18. Max

    The hack of this “article” is an idiot. Don’t quit your day job, because a writer you are not.

  19. Anon

    This article is the absolute worst excuse for journalism. It has nothing to do with WDW and happened many states away. The writing is on a first grade level. Abysmal.

  20. Wtf

    Why is this still up? Misleading, unnecessary bad press for Disney. They had nothing to do with this accident why did you involve them in this way? Disgusting article, take it down please.

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